Why Do Men Crossdress (for Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women Transformation)


If you want to know why men crossdress then the answers are below. These have been taken from a survey that was completed on over 400 men who crossdress. As you read through the list you may be suprised at some of the reasons but none the less it goes to show the complexity of the reasons behind why men choose to wear clothes of the opposite sex.

It is very easy for loved ones or close family members to naturaly think that men who crossdress are Gay or don’t enjoy being a man. These assumptions are true for some but for a majority of others could not be further from the truth.

All of the reasons why men crossdress below are from readers of Crossdressing Freedom who completed the survey. Only personal information has been removed.


I Like To Cross Dress Because….

  • I basically think men are a pretty un gamely looking animal and enjoy the beauty of women and looking like one.
  • I enjoy the feel of the materials used in women’s clothes and the feel of the clothes around me. I find it satisfying to present a good appearance.
  • Since my wife of nearly 50 years died I find comfort from cross dressing.
  • The feeling of silky sexy lingerie against my skin is so tactile and i cannot ever get enough of that feeling. Also, when dressed for someone who is going to treat you as the lady you feel you are, the sexual turn on is so powerful the ensuing sex is phenomenal!!
  • It gives me a feeling that I can really be myself as a woman not a man. I enjoy the difference the clothing makes and the makeup no matter how badly I apply it. I feel content inside & would like to spend the rest of my life enema.
  • Very hard question! Not sure why I enjoy it just that I know I do enjoy it! Ok, here goes, I have a very masculine line of work and I’m in charge of much with lots of demands on my time and skill daily, I think to some extent crossdressing allows me an escape from that. I enjoy dressing and feeling sexy, I’m a good looking man and enjoy dressing manly and all but I love the feeling and look of some fine lingerie and fetish attire!
  • It make me feel very good both in and outside and as brought out something that as been held backed due to marriage and being in the military I feel so comfortable when dressed as a female.
  • I love the clothes, I love the way I suddenly feel sexy when I’m wearing them especially stockings and heels and anything that enhances my breasts.
  • I feel better when dressed as a woman and I have confidence now when I go out in fem. I wish I could cross over and be feminine all the time.
  • I feel tremendously calm and relaxed when dressed. It’s almost as though I become a different person with a whole different outlook on life. Cross dressing allows me to feel delicate, meek and sensitive.
  • I’m not sure why. It feels good, relaxes me, an escape, a turn on, different reasons. It almost feels like I’m reliving a memory of possibly a past soul more than a fantasy of pretending to be something else.


  • I enjoy cross dressing as I feel feminine and sensual, and the feel of the clothes on my skin is extremely erotic, I have a fem side I would like to explore.
  • I enjoy feeling feminine.
  • I feel that I am a girl on the inside and crossdressing lets me be the real me.
  • I Love the feel and the way it makes me feel sexually.
  • I started out of curiosity with pantyhose. Then tried on some heels with them and it progressed from there. Since that time I now fully dress and get so much satisfaction from it. I am totally addicted to it.
  • I wish I knew.
  • It feels good.
  • Just love the feel of women’s clothing and much more sexier.
  • Love the feeling of being a different person.
  • Wish I knew!!


  • I just want to be pretty like all the girls and it is very stimulating i just love feeling femme.
  • I love the stretchy feeling of female clothes.
  • For sexual excitement.
  • To go out dress up, looking for a lover and sex.
  • I am a tgirl male to female, that is why I wear women’s clothes, but I do not like men.
  • It explores a real person within me. I get peace of mind.
  • Unexplained.
  • Makes me feel good inside.
  • Don’t know exactly but love to be.
  • Connect with my feminine side and I love wearing wigs, makeup, short skirts and heels!
  • Excitement.
  • It excites me.
  • It really turns me on; I feel like a real woman and would like to do what a woman does with men.
  • I like the feel.
  • I can’t do otherwise.
  • I love the feel of women’s clothes next to my skin, panties, stockings or pantyhose, wearing a bra.
  • Crossdressing is nice and fun.
  • It just feels right.
  • It gives me a sexual thrill.
  • I like the way it makes me feel.
  • It’s really who I am inside!
  • I find when I am all dressed up i get the attention I seek and feel real good wearing dresses and female apparel when with other men…straight or otherwise…
  • If I had to do my life all over again I would have told my mother about it and would have asked her to help me to transition to a true female.
  • It gives me a lot of peace, joy, and serenity! My life is in harmony when I cross dress.
  • It makes me feel whole and beautiful.
  • That’s the question I don’t know.
  • Because it allows me to be who I want, when I want for as long as I want.
  • Well I don’t think of myself as a Crossdresser, I’m a person that was born in the wrong body! I always conceder myself as a woman, just with a little extra….
  • Because honestly I want to become a girl and I like wearing plastic headbands nylon miniskirts short gowns acrylic pastel colored panties and heels.
  • I have always thought I should have been born female.
  • I feel more at home when I am Sam I have done this since I was young.
  • It’s the clothes the shoes just totally enjoy being dressed. The fabrics just everything. If it was accepted I would dress 247.
  • I love the feeling I get from dressing up.
  • I like the feel of soft satin against my skin. When I crossdress it brings out my inner female within me.


  • I love the feeling of being a woman.
  • It gives me the freedom to be who I want to be when I want be them. I love the feel of the clothes and the way heels make my legs look fab. But most of all it completes me.
  • I’m feeling free to do what I want, its give me great pleasure.
  • I like the feel of women’s clothes around me and the contact with silky fabrics. I feel relaxed when dressed.
  • To find myself like a woman.
  • The feminine lingerie, baby dolls, dresses and make up just feel so nice, and puts me so at ease.
  • I love the clothes makes me feel good.
  • These types of feelings are hard to describe with words. For me it feel’s normal to be able to wear what I feel is more appropriate and comfortable.
  • Thrills.
  • It relaxes me; I feel that I am finally expressing who I am inside. When I am stressed or depressed, doing my makeup, dressing up, calms me, relaxes me and though I may still be stress, or depress, I feel less troubled, more at ease, ready and able to confront and over come whatever is troubling me. I feel that the masks we must wear in society is gone, stripped from me and that the real me is now in control and ready and able to function at her fullest.
  • I find dressing exiting, relaxing and fun.
  • It turns me on like crazy, I love feeling sexy and submissive. And I look pretty hot!
  • It makes me feel complete! I even enjoy sex better too!
  • It makes me feel great all over some times it sexual and sometimes it is not.
  • Because I like woman’s clothes.
  • My best explanation is that I love women and wish I were one! But if I were, I’d definitely be a lesbian. I think another contributing factor is that I’m an exhibitionist and women can get away with more things than men!
  • I can’t, I don’t know.
  • Just like it.
  • The sexual thrill??
  • The feel.
  • I just need to.
  • Because my brain says to do it…………..
  • Makes me feel sexy.
  • Since I love grisliness and girls beautiful clothes I like cross dressing.
  • It relaxes me.
  • It makes me feel warm and cozy. I like the feeling of being soft and cuddly as well as being kind and considerate.
  • It feels cool.
  • The feeling! I feel all my feminine side alive. My Wife does not approve so I hide it. The act of getting dressed and made up in totally half the fun.
  • It relaxes me by putting me in a gentler frame of mind.
  • I like the way womens clothes feel.
  • I love the feeling.
  • It’s a form of expression for me.


  • I feel very satisfaction when crossdressing. I give up all my tension while doing that.
  • I enjoy it a lot.
  • Love the entire process from showering to final makeup.
  • Makes me feel complete.
  • I don’t know.
  • It puts me at ease as I truly am a transgendered person.
  • I just love it.
  • I love to feel like a girl.
  • It makes me feel complete.
  • I find a peace and serenity when dressed. I’d like to be a girl, next life maybe.
  • I like to cross-dress to relieve stress. I love the way I feel when I am wearing women’s clothes.
  • I just like the feeling.
  • For sexual release.
  • I just feel more comfortable in woman’s clothing.
  • Makes me feel comfortable and very at ease.
  • I’ve always felt very fem. I have very fem lips and eyes even a skinny little body I started dressing long ago but got more into it over the last few years! I have been thinking of taking hormones but I’m a little scared about it.
  • The feel of the items and the exploration of the female/feminine side of my sexuality.
  • It gives me a relaxing feeling and I love the world of womanhood.
  • I consider myself female. I feel totally normal dressed as a woman. My best friend is a post op girl. I have been this way my entire life’s identify with women more than men and would rather do female activities than male activities.
  • It makes me feel comfortable.
  • I’m relaxed and love lingerie.
  • I love the feel and i love the clothes and it makes me feel good.
  • I love feeling feminine.
  • Feel comfortable
  • Inner exotic feelings in my groin.
  • Looks feel and being in a strange world.
  • Just like to do it. Can’t explain it to good, it’s not that I want to be a boy but I enjoy crossdressing as a hobby with another friend who also loves it.
  • It is comfortable to me and looks nice.
  • I love the feel of sexy garments and it allows me to become someone else for the period while I’m dressed.
  • I’m feel good wearing a dress.
  • Feeling sexy!
  • Because it makes me feel nice and feminine.
  • Just for pleasure, the feel of the cloths, it makes me feel so good. When I am dressed I feel like a different person, I look in the mirror and see a beautiful person, and when I am not dressed I do not want to look in the mirror.
  • I don’t know if I enjoy it, it’s something i have to do!


  • I feel at ease.
  • I like being pretty and looking like a girl.
  • I feel as though i look and feel prettier when I am crossdressing. I would love to have the confidence to actually go out in public and get shopping without being noticed.
  • Make me feel good.
  • Sexual turn on.
  • Feels good and erotic.
  • It makes me feel better in myself.
  • Love it.
  • Because is part of my personality.
  • It’s in me.
  • Feels sexy, I’m not gay though.
  • Relaxing.
  • I have no idea; I just know I have to. I feel a compelling need, and experience a sense of ease and excitement while dressed.
  • The feeling and the risk of being caught.
  • It is fine.
  • I get turned on.
  • It just makes me feel at ease, and occasionally excites me.
  • I love the way I feel when imp dressed.
  • Fetish/sexual pleasure.
  • I guess you would describe me as a fetishist. I am completely heterosexual. I enjoy being intimate with my fiancé but also like wearing female clothing.
  • Compulsive need to look pretty.
  • I feel like I’m a girl some times I feel I have big boobs and I feel like a woman.
  • When I dress as Claire, I enjoy the feeling of not having a care in the world. Also when I dress and on a weekly basis, I completely dress from head to toe, wig and make up included.

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  • I often wished I had been born female.
  • Sexually stimulating.
  • I like to softness and it gets me excited.
  • Great feeling.
  • Its fun and I enjoy the style and feeling of the clothes. Mainly the breezes when you have a skirt and the tightness of certain articles (mainly undergarments and jeans) While I do get erections, I don’t masturbate and I don’t get near my peak while dressed either.
  • I enjoy feeling the power and attraction of being feminine.
  • I like the embrace of the soft fabrics against my skin.
  • I love to feel sexy, famine and the excitement.
  • When I figure it all out I will write a book. But really it just makes me feel right.
  • Looking, feeling, and acting like a woman turn me on sexually.
  • It gives me a sense of wellbeing and a sexy feeling.
  • Two reasons: I feel more relaxed and special. And I like the role of femininity.
  • Makes me feel good and turned on.


  • I find that cross-dressing enables me to be a more tolerant person, being in touch with my famine side helps in our marriage, my wife’s understanding makes my cross-dressing a wonderful fulfilling experience.
  • It makes me feel pretty and sexy.
  • It relaxes me and excites me just feels natural.
  • It allows me to express myself in the feminine way that I desire.
  • Love the feeling of the clothes and it make me feel good all over when I wear panties. I wear panties 24/7 event in my male clothes.
  • It feels great.
  • I enjoy the feeling and freedom dressed as a woman.
  • Don’t know. I just do.
  • It makes me feel like a girl and sexy.
  • Turn on.
  • It jests feels right, puts me at ease. It is how I should be.
  • I enjoy cross-dressing because it really allows me to express how I feel inside. It helps me to feel like a complete person and also enables me to explore different sides of my personality.
  • I love the feel of silk on skin, the way my legs look in heels, just love dressing up from head to toe.
  • Feel beautiful like girl…

10 Summer Essentials for your Transformation (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

  crossdress Summertime is a great time to step out en femme, but let’s face – the warm weather definitely has its challenges. For one thing, it’s hard to feel your best as you’re sweating off all of your makeup. And for another thing, it’s just too darn hot for shapewear, hosiery, and all the other accoutrements you might rely on to create your perfect feminine image. The good news is that with a few small tweaks, you can look as flawless and feminine in the summer as you do the rest of the year. Here are 10 warm weather essentials for your male to female transformation.

1. Sweat-Proof Primer

crossdress The best tip for summer makeup is to wear as little of it as possible. The next best tip is to use a primer to reduce shine and keep your makeup in place. Here are 4 primers worth trying:
  • London Stay Matte Primer
  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
  • PhotoReady Perfecting Primer

2. Foam Breast Forms

crossdress If you wear breast forms, then you know there’s nothing worse than how hot and sweaty they can make you feel in the summertime. Instead of your usual silicon breast forms, opt for foam breast forms for a lighter and cooler feel.

3. Summer Fragrance

crossdress Fragrances can change on your body when the temperature rises – making heavy, musky fragrances overbearing in the summertime. Switch to a lighter, fresher scent for the summer like Escada Turquoise Summer or Coconut Sunset Fragrance Mist.

4. Blotting Papers

crossdress Blotting papers are a girl’s best friend in warm weather. Use them to absorb excess oil from your face instead of adding powder, which can lead to a cakey look.

5. Cotton Underwear

sissy   Natural fabrics that breathe are the key to staying sweat and odor free. This applies to everything you wear, including your undies. Make sure you have a collection of cute cotton panties for the summer. A cotton bra can also be a lifesaver.

6. SPF Moisturizer

crossdress The truth is, you should be using sunblock on your face all year long to protect you from wrinkles and premature aging. But it’s especially critical during the summer months.

7. Flattering Sunglasses

crossdress Sunglasses are a summertime essential. The trick is to choose frames that flatter your face for the most feminine look. Since many crossdressers and transgender women have a square face shape, here are some tips to keep in mind:
  • Look for sunglasses with a rounded shape.
  • The larger your face, the larger the frames should be.
  • Choose frames that extend past the widest part of your face.
  • Avoid anything with a square shape, which draws unwanted attention to the angles of your face.

8. Anti-Frizz Spray

crossdress Heat and humidity leads to frizz, which makes summer hairstyling a real pain – whether you sport your own natural hair or wear a wig. To control frizz and maintain shine, use a smoothing spray such as M Frizz Control for natural hair or HD Smooth Detangler for synthetic hair.

9. Exfoliating Body Scrub

crossdress Baring more skin in the summer means more shaving. And that – combined with sweat – can cause ingrown hairs and breakouts. Exfoliating is your best bet to keep pores and hair follicles clear. Use an exfoliating body wash a few times per week. it is a good one.

10. Maxidress

crossdress The #1 rule for dressing in the summertime is to think loose and cool instead of tight and hot. It’s not about baring the most skin, but wearing clothes that allow your skin to breath. A maxi dress is a summer essential that every girl should own. Choose a style that skims your body to smooth over figure flaws and create a feminine-looking body shape. Sexy Straps Wrapped Chest Crop Top 50%OFF crossdress Tranform yourself when you step into our perfectly fitting Sexy style lace wrapped chest vest, made especially with transwomen and crossdressers in mind.
Share your summer look!
While summer might bring its own set of beauty challenges, it’s also a liberating time to step out en femme. There’s nothing like enjoying a carefree, balmy evening and feeling the warm breeze around your bare legs.    

Crossdresser fiction helping a cosplayer

crossdress Glenn’s girlfriend Anna loved cosplaying, especially anime characters, but Hatsune Miko from Vocaloid   was her favourite character. In fact, she had even decided to cosplay as her at the incoming convention.There was only a problem: she wanted to go with a Megurine Luka cosplayer, but all her friends either refused or were already busy, so she resorted to ask Glenn, who answered: “Look, Anna, I could do it, but I‘m a man, it would look terrible”. Looking at her boyfriend Anna knew that he was right, he didn’t have the right body to pass as a female… But then she had an idea. Wireless fishnet open crotch sexy bodystocking 50%OFF crossdress Tranform yourself when you step into our perfectly fitting Sexy style sexy bodystocking, made especially with transwomen and crossdressers in mind. A couple of days latei; when Glenn returned to the flat he shared with Anna, he found what looked like a pink and black cat hairband, but with fox’s ears, and a note from his girlfriend asking him to try it on. Thinking that she was still trying to persuade him into helping her, he donned the hairband, wanting t1) show her how much he would look ridioolous, but the moment it touched his hair a bolt of pain rushed through his body, causing it to change: the pink ears on the hairband became real, while his hair lenghtened and turned into the same shade of pink, and a tail sprouted his back. Then his body became more and more feminint leaving him- now her- as a quite curvy fox girl. When Anna returned home she explained that she had turned Glenn into a girl so that she could cosplay as Luka and that she would return her to normal after the convention. So here it is Glenn, wearing a variation of Luka’s clothes, composed by a tight top, very short shorts, gloves and stockings, waiting for the convention to finish, so she oar turn back into a male and stop being stared at by every guy

Free crossdress fiction catsuit dream


Peter was a married man who always had some sort of latex fetish.
His wife found it rediculous and if Peter asked her to try on a latex
catsuit she would always say no.

After a few weeks of despered asking his wife she finally said yes.
their is only one thing you need to do first”. “No problem” said
Peter still a bit shocked that she finally said yes. “You have to try on
the suit first” . Wondering why he agreed his wife demands.

The next day his wife came home with a red catsuit. Peter couldn’t wait and put on the suit. He put his arms and legs through the hole and zip the zipper. “ough this is thight”. ” I can barely breath in this suit”.

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After a few breaths it was almost if the suit became less thight. And with every breath his body changed. First he shrunk and than all his bodyhair fell off. Then all his body fat was moved from his arms and legs to his butt and chest, leaving some nice curves behind. Then hi waist caved in and his manhood was replaced by a womanhood.

His wife watched at peter and saw her husbands face with a body of a smoking hot girl. With his last breath as some sort of man his hair turnd blond and grew longer and his face was replaced by that of a face that matched his body. Watching her new form turned peter on and she walked to her wife. “Why don’t you help exploring my new body” where the first thing peter said as a girl

How to Find a Girl Who Likes Crossdressers (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


So you’re a young male cross-dresser, and you find you’d like a girl who not only accepts your cross-dressing, but gets pleasure out of it, too? This guide is largely written for guys in urban areas, but some of it will work for rural guys too.

1) Get dressed up, and take a good long look in the mirror.


Be completely honest with yourself, do you look good? A guy who looks good cross-dressed is much more likely to get a girlfriend who enjoys seeing him cross-dressed. Slender guys usually look best, but if you are a bit brawny don’t give up hope, a skirt on a topless muscular guy can look very alluring to the right woman.

2) Work on your appearance.


 In order to get a girl who likes cross-dressers it may be necessary to make certain changes to your look en femme. Most girls who like cross-dressers don’t like breast forms or things that alter your shape, so it might be wise to eschew these when trying to get involved with a girl.
It’s also important that you not be extremely hairy as girls who like cross-dressers rarely like excessive hair. Shave your arms, legs and chest at the very least. Growing your hair out is also a good idea, as girls who like crossdressers often prefer men with long hair.
 It is also a good idea to perfect your makeup skills, and build a wardrobe that is hip and not too frumpy or fussy(no little girl dresses unless you’re going for gothic lolita, and not too many prom dresses, sorry) think along the lines of classic pumps, a little black dress, maybe a corset, or low rise girl’s jeans and a crop top paired perhaps with a feather boa or a mini skirt.
It’s also important to pluck your eyebrows, if you can’t get away with arching them, just pluck the stray hairs to clean them up a bit. Consider tailoring your look towards a gothy or glam rock-y audience as women associated with these sub cultures are most likely to be interested in androgynous men.

3) Study The Masters.

So, you look the part (mostly) now it’s time to do some fine tuning, and have a look at the sort of girlie guys girls love. Don’t pretend to be someone else, but strive to figure out their appeal.
Brian Molko of the Band Placebo, David Bowie during his younger years, Michael Monroe of the Band Hanoi Rocks, Sean Brennan of the band London After Midnight,
Mana of the band Malice Mizer, Jeffree Star,and Johnny Depp are all androgynous, and have all cross-dressed… and women find them incredibly sexy. Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show,
 Tim Curry has the attitude down pat, though perhaps a little campier than most women like.

4)Get The Attitude.


First of all, it helps if you’re not exaggeratedly feminine when cross-dressed. It’s okay to be girlie when cross-dressed, but don’t overdo it.
Don’t scream when you see a spider, buy the girl you are with a drink, don’t mince around and take tiny steps. Doing that makes you look either like a queen, or just plain silly, not to mention acting like that is a kind of a misogynist view of women. Instead be yourself, don’t just talk about nail polish and purses.
Girls who like crossdressers are most likely to be attracted to smart, sensitive guys who share their interests (masculine and feminine) So don’t start beating guys up pointlessly, and don’t talk endlessly about sports unless she loves them too. Since girls who like androgyny are often involved in the rock music scene learning to play an instrument can be a valuable skill.

5) Don’t Be A Sissy.

The word sissy is a misogynist one, suggesting that femininity and weakness are similar, and a lot of girls into feminine guys are feminists so keep that in mind.
If you’re a forced feminizing fetishist prepare for a lot of disappointment. Girls into feminine guys don’t want very submissive men. So it’s important to be an independent person, and one willing to play both submissive and dominant roles sexually.

6) Go Out And Find Your Girl.

Finally, once you’ve perfected your girl-winning look, and attitude, go out to some clubs, live music venues, or other hangouts associated with either the goth or glam subcultures.
Ideally do this wearing feminine clothing and makeup if you feel confident, and know it’s safe to do so, proceed to see what girls are checking you out, flirt with the ones who are, if you have common interests get a number, if not, then it won’t work out.
Tranform yourself when you step into our perfectly fitting Sexy style lace wrapped chest vest, made especially with transwomen and crossdressers in mind.

Adventures In Crossdressing Out Party

Who am I kidding, this is all about the pictures...if you have been following the antics of me and my gal pals on here ( thanks) , we are usually up to interesting and crazy things, but to be  be honest, I haven't been going to as  many transgender / crossdresser events and parties, I just been going OUT...you know , like just out in the real world, going on dates with men, dinning and enjoying intimate evenings with friends ... I enjoy doing that a lot more recently..I guess I am progressing..., one of these days I will actually take more pictures and share more with you,  I have had whole nights recently and never took one pic so once again these are pics I was tagged in on Facebook .   This summer though I do have some interesting adventures planned so hopefully I will have something interesting to say and turn you on to some new things, in the meantime, enjoy these pics from some of my latest outings

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Crossdress fiction sport girl female masking


The minister for education and sport invited one of our famous female basketball players to be his consultant for sport propagation and development. Her sport nick name is Wildcat. She was not interested on this job because of ministers very bad reputation. Corruption scandals. affairs with young girls. event younger than 18. Our Secret Service did received this information in advance but we didn’t know how to take use of it. But after the message in media, that Wildcat don’t reflect journalist questions about it. we sent an agent to introduce in her house and inspect if there is nothing
interesting for us.

Our agent found much more than some ordinary evidence of connection to the naughty minister. He found Wildcat death. She died during swimming in her pool at home. Immediately our special team arrived. disguised as technical support from the municipal utilities.
The decision was clear. We will replace the real (death) Wildcat by a professional impostor, who will enter to closest team of the minister and will try to monitor all his illegal activities. But there was no woman in our secret service with the at least similar shape of body – Wildcat was a really high girl, like all the female basketball players.

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After long decision making we choose male agent to replace Wildcat. Fortunately that he was going to disguise as a big girl – no one will wonder that the ‘erdcat’ has a bigger feet. After all. a lot of time was spent searching proper bigger shoes. However informed colleagues from the special unit laughed because of the very long shopping like a real woman. this had helped him to get into the female character.