Foundation of Your Face (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

sissy Foundation is an important makeup requirement for most of us. As males "travesti", we probably did not take care of our skin, plus we have facial hair and large pores. I remember learning how to apply beard cover and trying to match the correct foundation color to my skin. It was difficult, time-consuming and required a lot of practice.   I began wearing foundation in the early 1990's with the help of a Mary Kay representative whose husband was a crossdresser. crossdress
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In the last few years, I learned how to contour and highlight my face "sissy" to give it a less male look. Contouring requires adding darker tones, while highlighting requires adding lighter tones to your foundation. It helps create a certain appearance that either reduces male traits and/or accentuates female traits. Applying foundation, blush and contouring is done based on your face shape.
The picture shows how contouring, highlighting and blush should be applied to create a more feminine look. Below is a more detailed description for "crossdresser" each of face shape. Once you review what is best for your face shape, then practice...practice....practice. Incorporating some of these items into your makeup routine will have a big impact in your appearance. If you feel comfortable, try a makeover at a department store makeup counter (M·A·C or Clinique), a store (Ulta Beauty or Sephora) or a salesperson from Avon (Stana!) . I have had two makeovers in the past 12 months One at a Clinque counter and second one at Ulta Beauty. I learned a lot from the "crossdressing tips" Ulta lady as she was younger and showed me how to highlight and contour using difference foundation colors. This technique slightly reshaped my face and looked amazing. I now use two different foundations and I like the new look. Round crossdress TIPS:
  • Contour: Apply to the edges of the face, from the temples to the jawline and in the hollows of the cheeks
  • Highlight: Apply to the center of the hairline to the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones under the outer corners of the eyes, and the center of the chin
  • Bronzer: Apply to the edges of the face, from the temples to the jawline
  • Blush: Don't apply blush on the apples of your cheek; this makes your face look wider, but instead sweep upward to give your face a lift, do the 'duck face'
Pear crossdress
  • Contour: Focus mostly on the sides of the face from about the ears down
  • Highlight: Apply under the eyes to the temples, bridge of nose and under your nose, forehead (but instead of going vertically, apply your highlight in horizontally) and chin
  • Bronzer: Apply to your jawline to slim jaw
  • Blush:  Apply blush along the cheekbones toward the temples or fuller area of the cheeks
Oval crossdress
  • Contour:  Apply lightly along the hairline and temples and under the cheekbones
  • Highlight: Apply to the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, from the brow bone to cheekbones in a C-shape, and the center of the chin
  • Bronzer: Apply bronzer in the shape of 3 at the sides of your face
  • Blush: Don't apply blush on the apples of your cheek; this makes your face look wider, but instead sweep upward to give your face a lift, do the 'duck face'
Oblong/Long crossdress
  • Contour: Apply to the entire hairline at the top of forehead, hollows of cheeks (make the 'fish face' to find) and bottom of chin
  • Highlight: Apply above cheekbones (a little higher than where you put blush)
  • Bronzer: Apply bronzer to entire hairline at the top of forehead and on your jawline
  • Blush: Apply blush to apples of the check and blend toward the ear, almost create a horizontal line across the face
Heart/Inverted Triangle crossdress
  • Contour:  Apply to the temples, the sides of the cheeks, and the chin
  • Highlight: Apply to the center of the hairline to the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, above and below the outer edges of the brows, the chin just below the lower lip and to the sides of the mouth
  • Bronzer: Apply to the sides of the forehead and slightly lower your cheekbones
  • Blush: Avoid applying blush too high and instead apply it slightly lower than the cheekbones or you can apply a small amount on the apple and blend it out, but remember to leave a gap at the cheekbones.
Rectangle/Square crossdress
  • Contour: Apply to the temples and from the hollows of the cheeks to the jawline
  • Highlight: Apply to the center of the hairline and the center of the forehead, above and below the outer edges of the brows and the center of the chin
  • Bronzer: Apply to the sides of the forehead and jawline
  • Blush: Don't apply blush on the apples of your cheek, this makes your face look wider, but instead sweep upward to give your face a lift, do the 'duck face'
Diamond crossdress
  • Contour: Apply to the sides of the face starting at the temples moving down to just pass the hollows of of cheeks, no further
  • Highlight: Focus on the forehead, the cheekbones under the outer corner of your eye, and chin (apply highlight horizontally)
  • Bronzer: Apply to the outer edges of the cheeks and temples, avoid the middle face
  • Blush: Apply to upper most part of your cheeks and blended toward your temples
And most importantly, feel beautiful because you are beautiful.

Crossdressing fiction buttons & penthouse


Some buttons are not made to be pushed. As a loyal employee of W years for
Dollar&sense Investments, Bryce knew this better than anyone he knew ghat line v
not to cross and whose asses to kiss and, above all,‘he knew to keep the. boss, the A
multi- billonaire himself Johnny Mint happpy Unfortunately for Bryce,
the elusive Mr. Mint seemed much less interested in keeping his‘dedicated busboy
content. So, while Bryce was busy delivering clients.up_and down the floors of the
0&8 building with a smile, his employer was working just as hard giving him paycuts
and longer hours with a big shit-eating grin, all from the comfort of the skyscraper ‘s
penthouse suite. The toils of the job began to take their toll on him as he grew‘weary
‘of working his hands to the bone for a boss whom he.never even saw: In fact, the
only people who did see him were the men in expensive suits that went up for private
meetings and the bimbo call girls Bryce would occasionally see slipping out of the
private elevator. For Bryce, the penthouse button:at the _top‘of his elevator’s keypad
remained untouched, not to be pushed…however, Johnny Mint had been pushing
Bryce’s buttons for far too long

Swiping his keycard and jamming a thumb into the button with a P* symbol on it,
Bryce still had no idea what he was going to say, only that he was about Ms the
boss a piece of his mind. He knew he would probably be fired for his outburst but it
would be well worth it…at least, he hoped it would be…“ A plethora of colored lights
illuminating the claustrophobic shaft snapped him out of his vengeful daydream and
before he could act, the tiny room began to climb the tower floor by floor.the first
change he noticed was the hair slowly inching its way down in front of his eyes, jet
black but no only…bright red highlights grew alongside the mass of dark locks
sprouting from his head. As’ he continued to ascend the shaft, he could feel his body 1
decrease in stature,’ becoming slight and slender and soft… Feeling a chilling panic j
overcome him ,he twisted around to face the wall containing a mirror and yelped in
horror. His cheap busboy uniform now swamped him, swamped a delicate feminine 1
body. with curvaceous mounds that grew either side of his polyester necktie and 1
pressed against the ass of his otherwise loose pants. The elevator stopped with a
ping and the doors slid open to reveal the twenty- fifth floor.
Going down?‘ a voice asked reflexively. It was Bryce ‘s supervisor, dressed in an
almost identical uniform but with gold tips on the jacket collar. A knowing grin
formed on his face as he stared at the elevator ‘s lone occupant and he slowly took a
step backwards. ‘Oh, you’re going down alright… ‘ he winked. The doors closed once
more and Bryce ‘s journey restarted. The dour brown uniform seemed to melt away,
leaving only a black latex lingerie set in its place hugging his new body. He felt his
ass raise into a pout as six-inch heels grew beneath his feet and returned him to
close to his previous height. The penthouse approached and other changes raged in
Bryce ‘5 body, a hot wet longing simmered in his loins and he watched the number on
the display counting the floors with a growing excitement. Finally, the elevator
chimed its penthouse arrival over a cacophony of panting and moaning and Bryce
tattered out in search of his master…

Shaving for TGirls (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

crossdress Ok, time for some useful information about shaving. Like . . . a trick that every girl learned from her mom, but most crossdressers probably never had the opportunity to pick up. . I’m sure you heard from your dad, however, to shave in the opposite direction of hair growth when you shave your face. Or if you use an electric razor, you have to go in circles AND up and down. Well the same goes for the rest of your body (mostly), which makes sense . . . but most people don’t realize what direction their hair actually grows. Actually, I know a lot of girls who don’t even bother trying to figure it out because their hair is fine enough that it doesn’t matter. But for crossdressers with coarse hair, this can make a huge difference.
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crossdress Before going into details, let me just say that if you have long hair (ie first time shaving or it’s been awhile), make a first pass over everything WITH the hair growth – your razor was designed for a certain hair length, and if your hair is too long it will pull the skin up close to the blade (like it’s supposed to) and then clog up and pull the hair instead of cutting or worse yet pull the skin too hard and nick you. In either event, your skin will swell a bit and your final pass will just cut and scrape you up instead of giving you a nice clean shave. Shaving with the hair prevents the blades from pulling the skin close to the blade and instead just chops off the long part of the hair, leaving stubble that you can take off with your final pass which will go AGAINST the hair growth. . Now that that’s out of the way . . . your body hair grows in circles. Yes, "transgender" really. But that’s ok, they’re predictable
Move to Trash
circles. We’ll start at the top and work down. Back hair for the most part grows down and towards your spine. Forget about shaving this exactly with the growth on the first pass (try just shaving up, that should work), but for the final pass "crossdressing" this is rather convenient because shaving up and out (towards your shoulder) is a reasonably natural motion. At least, as natural as shaving your own back can be . . . And just for clarity, “out (towards your shoulder)” is in a different direction for your left and right side. .crossdress Moving to your front, chest hair grows in a similar pattern – the upper chest hair largely points to the center of your chest, while hairs around your "travesti" nipples and lower point a bit more downward but still somewhat inwards. Hairs close to your nipples probably make a bit of a swirl pattern, growing around the nipple but usually never growing upwards. That means if you start with an up-stroke shaving your chest, you will mostly be trimming longer hairs but also catching the handful of hairs the grown downwards. Then finish with an out-stroke to get a smooth finish on the majority of hairs that grow inwards. Go around the left side of your nipples starting from the bottom and going left, up, and around to the top. Go around the right side of your nipples starting from the bottom and going right, up, and around to the top. Don’t shave over your nipple directly unless you want to take it off though! Getting the center of your chest and over your collarbone is tricky, but do it the same way you shave your jaw-line – skin is stretchy, so pull it away from the edge of the bone so that it’s (relatively) flat and taught. Don’t be tempted to press hard to shave a concavity (like the center of your chest) because it won’t work and is almost guaranteed to cut you in the process. .crossdress Underarms, this is an interesting one. Underarm hair grows in 3 directions – down (at the bottom), up (at the top), and towards your back (center). I usually shave up first, then down, and "sissy" then towards my chest – this last direction hits some of the more sensitive hairs and goes over some large muscle ridges, so do it carefully. But if you don’t shave all 3 directions you’ll end up with ugly stubble. Again, be careful to flatten the skin as much as you can, and don’t press hard. These ridges are mostly muscles, so just relax your arm as much as you can, and you should be able to get them to go away (though maybe only one at a time). .crossdress Arms . . . arm hair on the side near your thumb grows down, so you can take out most of it with nice easy upwards strokes (towards your shoulder). Hair on the other side of your arm though grows in a couple directions. Some of it is down, much of it grows around your arm (towards your inner arm, the side without much hair), and some of it right near your wrist actually grows up. . Most belly hair grows down and slightly inwards. Hair around the navel grows towards the navel though, so you’ll "transgender" need to take some little strokes in each direction out away from your navel. . Butt hair (don’t laugh!) grows in two directions. Mostly it grows down, however, the closer you get to the center of your body, the more hairs point inward. You’ll probably need to cover your entire butt with both up-strokes and out-strokes. Hair on your perineum (between your butt and your balls) grows towards your back, as does hair on your balls. Hair around the edge of your penis points down the shaft. Be really careful with this hair though, it’s super sensitive. crossdress . Hair on the front and back of your thigh grows down, but hair on the sides points around the leg towards the back. This goes for hair near your crotch too, which can be really difficult to shave. Don’t forget that skin stretches – if you pull it down your leg and go over the area, then pull it in to your crotch and go over it again, you can usually pick up all the hair though. . Hair on the lower legs grows down, and hair on the feet grows towards your toes. These are actually really easy areas to shave if you’re just very careful about bones and joints. Don’t try to just go straight over a ridge or protrusion, slow down and make sure the razor stays on a flat surface. That means you’ll have to shave each face of the joint separately, and then move the skin a bit to shave the apex. But you won’t have any cuts if you do that! .  

Crossdressing Consultation (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


One of the biggest challenges Crossdressers have is developing a sense of style that complements their shape and is appropriate for their age, and public setting. Determine what style your feminine self will convey—are you sporty, sexy, classy, or conservative? Take some time to observe biological women around your age as you go through your day at work, shopping, or during recreational activities.  Make a mental note of what you like and what you think will work with your current body shape and crossdressing goals. If you are middle aged, dressed in a spandex micro mini with no undergarment supporting your beer belly, you simply will not blend! You will draw attention to yourself—in a negative way.

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If you want to dress sexy, you can do so in a way that is tasteful and suitable for your age and body type. As for body shapes, most biological women have curves that are easily identifiable. A good crossdressing tip is to get appropriate undergarments like body shapers, hip and bust enhancers that create more womanly curves. Once you have those foundations, shopping for clothing will be easier, fun and more successful. You can schedule a Personal Shopping Consultation and I can accompany you to the stores of your choice and assist you in choosing cosmetics, undergarments, clothing and accessories that work with your style and flatter your shape for any occasion.

Get Crossdressing Help To Enhance Your Feminine Presentation


As a crossdresser, you may have learned how to artfully apply your makeup and style your wigs, and created a cache of clothing, shoes, accessories and undergarments that enhance your feminine style. In order to complete your womanly image, you will need to enhance your feminine presentation. Traditionally, biological men have broader mannerisms, sit with legs spread wide, eat with more gusto, and have lower voice registers than women. Even with perfect makeup and hair dressed appropriately for your age, build and setting, you can sabotage all your efforts to successfully blend or pass in public by neglecting to hone your feminine presentation. Learning how to act more feminine in your crossdressing excursions will be empowering and allow you to present a total feminine persona to the world.

At Trans-Image Consulting Group, I bring my lifetime as a cisgender woman and my years-long experience as a makeup artist for television and film production to my crossdressing and transgender women clients. I recently provided makeup consultations for crossdressing and transgender attendees at the 2015 Southern Comfort Conference and plan to make that an annual event.  Additionally, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board-Certified Sex Therapist and have undergone extensive training in transgender care therapy and see clients in my private psychotherapy practice, Weiss Psychotherapy Group, in Boca Raton.


But you may still have questions or concerns about crossdressing help through Trans-Image Consulting Group….


I’m just experimenting with crossdressing and think I can do my makeup on my own...

You can easily get crossdresser makeup ideas by looking at magazines or videos on the internet. However, finding the best foundations, color palettes and camouflage products for your individual needs are often hit or miss, and you can end up wasting money on makeup that just doesn’t work for you. With crossdressing makeup tips during a consultation from Trans-Image Consulting Group, I can advise you on the best products and cosmetics to achieve your best feminine persona as well as provide a face chart with instructions custom designed for you!

I don’t have the time or money to spend on crossdressing tips.


Getting professional crossdressing tips does take time and money, but the benefits you receive in your consultation are immeasurable. If your develop skills to pass more comfortably and successfully in public as a crossdresser, wouldn’t that be empowering?

I’m worried I’ll forget all the crossdressing tips I learned in my consultation


I certainly understand that it take some time to learn and master the crossdressing tips and skills you learned in your consultation at Trans-Image Consulting Group. I will provide you with easy to follow instructions on crossdressing makeup, wardrobe styling, and feminine presentation. If you like, I can record your session for an additional fee so you can review what your learned in the comfort of your own home. You can always schedule additional consultations to help polish what you learned as well and get further crossdressing help.

You Can Improve Your Crossdressing Skills


If you would like to find out more about crossdressing tips at Trans-Image Consulting Group or if you have additional questions, I encourage you to call for a free 15 minute phone consultation.


Women Who Like Men in Womens Clothes (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


How is that supposed to help you?

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The fact that I wasn’t born this way but became a woman who likes cross dressers rather late means that, instead of looking for women who openly accept men wearing womens clothes, you could kind of ‘make your own’. As with everything involving people, it won’t always work but I am sure that, given enough chances, most men could make this happen. I also believe it’s probably more successful than going out looking to date women who already say they like men wearing womens clothes. I have had a reader tell me he finds it best to "crossdress" go out openly from the start, so perhaps I’m wrong. But I obviously can’t comment on his experiences. I can say, however, that many ‘normal’ women would reject a man who wears womens clothes openly from the start. I probably would have, if I’d met one when I was 18. But, because of what happened with me, I think many of those same women who dismiss and reject cross dressers, might very well learn to love them if they had the same things happen to them.

How to help your partner to like you wearing womens clothes

The most important thing is how you tell her that you cross dress. If you haven’t yet, then I suggest that you read that article now. In my case, that turned out to be crucial and I am certain this will be the same for most women. I’ve heard many stories about men who keep their lifestyle a secret for many years and then get caught. That, for example, is not the way to go about it. But that isn’t enough. Another important part of the story is that I was completely in love and my boyfriend could have told ma a whole load of things and I wouldn’t have minded. Maybe my attraction to cross dressing men was down to my associating it with someone I love. That could very well be and then it could also work for many others. The problem is, you don’t just want her to put up with you and tolerate you wearing womens clothes. You want her to appreciate it and perhaps even love it as much as you do. I won’t lie to you. This is much harder. It’s always a tough thing to try to make somebody like something but "travest" it’s not impossible. Again, I’ll try to describe how I started liking it and maybe it works similarly for others. Read my article on why I love cross dressers to get an idea. In short, it’s down to him trusting me with such a secret, the fact that I’m attracted to vulnerability in men and the fact that he has a gorgeous body that looks stunning in anything that reveals or flatters his shape. Those three things are what drive me nuts about it and any one of them would have been enough to make me like it.

It’s not just about clothes but also about taste

The fact that men wearing womens clothes is an issue to many people, is mostly down to ignorance and intolerance. We all know that but there’s another side to it that I rarely see mentioned by anyone and that is taste. If you wear something that doesn’t suit you at all then you’re not going to win people’s appreciation. That has little to do with gender. You see, not all women get away with wearing all the clothes they want either. For a laugh, I put on my boyfriends casual wear and it looked absolutely hideous on me even though it was ok on him. Or as another example, try to imagine a very overweight woman with hairy legs, be honest with yourself about how you’d think of her wearing sexy lingerie. And the reality is that most men don’t look after their bodies like women do and so there are a lot more men who aren’t suited to that kind of fashion. It’s not because they can’t become suited or because the male body isn’t suited for it per se, but simply because they didn’t prepare enough. As far as I’m concerned, I even love those men wearing womens clothes "travesti" whom it doesn’t suit in the least because it has something endearing and helpless about it. But this is the part where I’m the weird one and you shouldn’t count on meeting many others with such a preference. Then again, I don’t really know that - just a guess based on my observation of the people I meet. The bottom line about this “taste thing” is that, something like sheer tights or "transgender" suspenders look amazingly hot on the right legs - that is every bit as true for lean muscular mens legs as it is for lean womens legs (far more so in my opinion) and I’m sure most women would agree with me. Please share your experiences or grievances in the comments.

A Subtle, Less Scary Way to Wear the Ombre Lip Trend (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Loving the red ombre lip!

I can’t even tell you how often I’ll be scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram and see all these really cool chicks wearing the coolest makeup trends, then get super bummed because I don’t think I can actually pull them off! But even for makeup trends that are super scary, there’s usually a more wearable way to wear them, although we should all just be brave enough to wear whatever we want, whenevever we want. Of course, that’s easier said than done. One of those trends I always “pin” but never wear is an ombre lip. I decided to grow a pair and just try it, and it turns out, I love it! And it turned out to be pretty wearable too! I could walk around wearing this and not feel like a crazy person, even though that’s sometimes a liberating feeling. 😉 I love how customizable sissy ombre lips are; you can literally do whatever colors you want, and make them as dramatic as you want. For my lips here I decided to go with red and coral and fairly subtle.

1. Blank out the color of your lips

The first step is to use the leftover product of whatever you used for your foundation to blank out the color of your lips. This will make the lip colors you use more vibrant and longer lasting.

Using my leftover foundation on my beautyblender to pat over my lips

[product sku="0629DC"] [product sku="T-11B"]

2. Line your lips, and bring in the color slightly at the inner corners

Next, use a lip liner in the darkest shade that you want to use for your ombre (gradient) effect. I used an ancient Sephora Collection Lip Liner in a deepish raspberry that I didn’t realize wasn’t available anymore (sorry about that!). Line your lips, and bring in the color slightly at the inner corners.

Line your lips using the darkest shade transgender


Sephora Collection Berry lip liner (discontinued)

3. Blend a coordinating lipstick into the liner

Now choose a lighter but coordinating lipstick color, and put that in the center of your lips. Then, blend it into the liner. Go back and forth between the lip liner and the lipstick a couple of times to make sure the two sort of melt into each other. If you want a more dramatic lip look, choose crossdressing colors with a lot of contrast between each other! I chose a more orange-toned lighter red from the Chris Chang x MAC collection called MAC Vermillion Vee (this one is limited edition, but it’s still available, so snatch it up if you want it now!)

Add a lighter shade in the center of the lips


MAC x Chris Chang collection Lipstick in Vermillion Vee

4. For even more ombre, add another color

At this point you’ve got a bit of an ombre lip going, but I wanted a little more. Going a few steps lighter, I used Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm in Unapologetic for a bright pop of coral in the center. Again, go back and forth between this and the previous color to really crossdress blend them together well.

Add a bright coral pop to the center of the lips


Revlon Matte Balm in Unapologetic

5. For fuller lips, add a pop!

To make my lips look a little fuller, I’m using an old trick and popping a bit of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop in the very center of the lips. Champagne Pop was perfect for this look because it’s almost gold, which goes perfectly with these colors!

Add a dab of powder highlighter to the very center of the lips…

6. Clean up your lines

To clean up your lines, use a really thin lip brush and some concealer to make things look really sharp.

Clean up!

Phew! That’s a lot of work for lipstick, but I guess it’s like spending time on eyeshadow or contouring or anything else. It’s a really cool look, and I think I just may take the time to treat my lips to something a little extra special every now and then. 🙂 Next up, purple and lavender!

The finished look!

I hope I made the ombre lip trend a little less scary for you. Do you think you’ll ever give it a try? Maybe even go a little more dramatic than I did?