Transgender party princess


How was I supposed to dress for a party if I’d never been to one before?! Until a few weeks before
I’d never even spoken to a girl! Until a few weeks before I’d been a guy! But I did want to go. I did
want to support my new friends. and I did want to be included. I loved how nice everyone was to
me. how supportive and friendly and sometimes flirty. I never kept up with any flirtation. I just got
too flustered but I liked it all the same.

I saw the look on his face when I answered the door to the apartment. a combination of apprecia-
tion and shock. that just made me melt a little inside. He was so surprised to see me all dolled up!
He kissed me lightly on the cheek and handed me a DVD of something he’d recommended. I didn’t
know how much I was going to like it but he promised I would. Without any further ado. we left in
his car and headed off to the party.


The Old Ritz was one of the most famous hotels in town. with a ballroom that had been preserved
since the late nineteenth century. The building was beautiful. the ballroom was full of people. and
the music was just grand. I met up with all of my new work buddies. congratulated the leaving
board member, before being congratulated myself on such a solid turnaround in my dress sense. I’d
never been much for compliments. but they just kept coming and coming. I blushed and grabbed
myself a drink. I had a feeling I was going to need it.

After a few hours I was full on drunk. We’d turned into quite the raucous crowd. and I was having
a very nice time. The rest of the girls and I had secluded ourselves in the corner. and while I was
mostly keeping to myself. I was apparently. nominally, part of a conversation about the opposite
gender. My head was spinning, and l was trying to keep a hold on the room when someone men-
tioned Dane and how much attention he’d been paying me. I turned a deep and embarrassed scar-
let. before stammering a denial. but they weren’t to be stopped. One of them even wished us luck.
even though we’d not announced anything! Or even had plans on anything more than a friendship.
Or did we?

He could have helped things by choosing a better time to approach. but he came over. smiling. a
little tipsy himself. and carrying a champagne glass in his hand. He handed me one. and then
prompted me to stand. We were going somewhere. It could have been anywhere. but my heart was
pumping so quickly I almost passed out. I heard the giggle of my sissy girlfriends behind me as I stood.
as one told me to pull my dress down. which had apparently hiked up. Being a girl was so much

We passed through the bulk of the party. before leaving the doors to the veranda. where the night
air kissed my skin. turning it chilly slightly. I pulled an arm across myself to keep warm. but he was
close. and made a move. Standing together under the pale moonlight. the fireworks started. and for
a brief second. we were the only two people in the world. I thought he was going to kiss me. and
was both relieved and disappointed when he didn’t.

It mustn’t have been the right time.