Remote control a request for crossdressing fiction


Watch this… ‘ Alex winked at her two girlfriends as she grabbed the television remote control and pointed in at the three buxom maids pouting in the middle of the living room floor. A few taps of the plus next to the word ‘volume ‘ later and all three girls had visibly increased several notches in breast size. Her friends gasped in surprise and delight but the subjects of the alterations seemed much less impressed.

What…how…errr…where did you get that.” one friend nodded at the device, almost lost for words. Alex smiled cony and pointed the remote at the maids ‘ legs while fiddling with the display buttons to increase the sheen on their already glossy stockings. If they seemed mad before, now they were very obviously furious and struggling to hold back their rage.
Well… ‘ Alex shrugged to the girl next to her, ‘…I had the worst headache. Guys had been hitting on me at work all day…you know how it is… I tried watching TV to distract myself but next-door’s dog kept barking so I gave up and switched the tele off…and the dog switched off instead…just collapsed out there on the lawn and went to sleep. Crazy…huh.’ I switched him back on…and now he’s on ‘mute’m ‘ As if on cue, a huge labrador strolled by the patio doors and let out a barrage of silent barks.

and those three… ‘ the other girl nodded at the babes in the lounge, who are they….”

Why. they are the guys from work of course… ‘ Alex smirked, ‘…as soon as I realised this thing ‘s potential, I went right back to the office for a spot of payback. It took a great deal of channel hopping but I think I’ve found
something befitting of their behaviour. ‘ The boys stared back at her with deep frowns on their faces. clearly not happy with Alex ‘s selection. Thankfully, they don ‘t have to like it… ‘ She slammed her thumb down on a round black button with a heart on it which symbolised ‘favorites’ and the gorgeous ladies instantly seemed to become best-friends, or maybe much more. and began to fondle and kiss their colleagues dressed in almost
matching scandalous outfits. Their eyes bore a clear conflict…a helplessness from being bound by actions beyond their own control, but also somewhat of an excitement from the other two stunning women thrusting themselves upon them…even if they were their work pals. ‘This thing can ‘t make them do everything I want, but if the guys ever want to be guys again. it won ‘t need to…‘ Alex ‘s friends giggled hysterically as the douche-bags from her office continued to make out sloppily in their slutty outfits. ‘Of course. I haven ‘t tried this button out yet… ‘ her thumb inched slowly up to the small tab marked ‘adult box office