Meet Emily Couture – One Classy, Stylish and Sexy Lady

sissy Once every month or two during the cooler months of the year we "crossdresser"  look forward to seeing one of our dearest friends Emily. We have known Emily a long time and we are all fans not only of her style but also of Emily the person who is as beautiful on the inside as you see her here on the outside.
Emily will visit for a makeover with Meredith and once she is dressed and made up we have fun taking pics of Emily. Sometimes we do this just on the premises but "crossdressing" sometimes we will go to businesses close by for a change. Some of the staff have even been out clubbing with Emily. We always look forward to seeing her latest shoe purchases since Emily only wears the very best designer and hand-made "sissy" shoes on her dainty feet. No platforms for Emily; she wears 5, 6-inch and even taller stiletto pumps and walks and even dances as if she had been wearing them all her "travesti"  life. Emily also adores Vollers Corsets and has the perfect hourglass figure once we have tight-laced her. dragqueen plus size On a recent visit, after she was dressed, Emily asked us to follow her to a local lingerie store and take some pictures of her shopping for some sexy underwear and we were only too glad to oblige. We asked her if we could share some of the gorgeous "transgender news" pictures along with some personal Emily information for the readers. Whilst shopping with Emily, we asked her a few questions that we thought would reveal a little more of this beauty to our readers: sissy What does Emily like to shop for the most and why? Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! I love wearing high heels! To me they are one of the greatest expressions of femininity. However, I am pretty particular about the heels I wear such that they must be 120mm (4.7″) or higher and single sole. I adore classic pumps, sling backs, d’Orsays (with or without peep toes), and sandals. My favorite designer is Christian Louboutin although Brian Atwood and Jimmy Choo (and others) have some pretty fabulous "News" styles that fit my criteria. Also, heels that show lots of toe cleavage is a big plus! Lastly, at 5’5″ inches bare foot, I am fairly petite so wearing high heels enables me to feel more confident and sexy! travesti What would Emily’s ideal day involve? My ideal day would be getting ready and wearing a nice top and skinny jeans with stilettos (of course!), going shopping for dresses, skirts, blouses and shoes, and maybe get a pedicure and go out for lunch. Then freshening up, trying on my purchases, and going to a bar or club for a night out. I love going out for cocktails and dancing with friends. Believe it or not, I can dance fairly well in my sky high stilettos, although my feet pay for it at the end of the night! One of the most important aspects of my ideal day would involve going to the Glamour Boutique and spending time with the great people there. I can’t say enough wonderful things about David and his team. They always make me feel truly special and I am so thankful to have them as friends! sissy What 5 feminine items would Emily take on a dessert island if she were only allowed 5? Gosh this is a tough one! If I can assume no hair growth, always having fabulous make up on and my wig, then slightly less difficult choices…lol. So hear it is…definitely heels! Which pair…mmmm…probably my Christian Louboutin Hot Waves (peep toe pump with a 130mm (5.1″) heel). The next four items would have to be a corset, garter belt, fully fashioned stockings, and a bodycon mini-dress. The corset, garter belt and stockings are must haves for me too. To me they are part of my look and I feel most feminine wearing them. Panties would be great, but the question limits me to 5 items, but the dress should provide ample coverage…lol travesti If you feel you would ever like to be pampered by one of our makeup artists then email or call us and tell us what you would like.