TG Caption – Actress G fiction


He was still doing his job as a cameraman but, because of an unforseen event, he also began to start acting.
After the ”Red Hood“ movie, he could have stopped and choose to remain as a cameraman. That was his
dreamjob after all. But, seeing how everyone was complimenting on his acting as red hood, he developped a
liking to acting.

After only a short while, he received a letter. A contract for a second movie project where he would, again,
be acting and not filming. He would have just ignored it, like the dozens of other letters from before, if it wasn’t
for the movie director of this one film.

The movie director was his idol, a man he had respect for. He loved every movies that man had made. It
made him curious and he ended up going at the interview for the role. He met his idol and he was convinced to
play in the movie.

Then, they began shooting the movie “Fake Wonderland”. The movie was taking the famous “Alice in
Wonderland” and bringing it to a new light. It was a complete different story but with the same characters. Truly
a masterpiece, he thought.


He was a little bit reluctant when he understood who he was going to play as, but, well, that was
obvious…He was gonna be Alice. In this movie, scientists were taking a man into their lab and forcing him to go
into the “Wonderland”. An eternal maze looking like a manor in the inside.

The man was also played by him. This was one of the factor that help him to agree with the movie. He was
supposed to be filmed during a feminization process. There could only be one shot for the scene. He was
supposed to act like a man who was reluctant to the change…

It wasn’t difficult . He was near naked, gagged, and lashed to a table. A bright light eclairing him. He could
only see actors dressed as scientists doing things to him. He was shaved violently. A particular make-up was
forced on him. Then he was given a woman’s body, a fake one of course. But, it was so well made that no one
could tell.

After that, he was send into the maze while being dressed as “Alice”. The script was supposed to make him
go from a place to another where everything could happen. Of course, the events were already known by the

He was supposed to undergo different painful trials in each place. First, he would be entering the baby-
kingdom where he would drink from a feeding-bottle. Then, the pet kingdom where he would be forced to act as
a dog while still dressed as Alice…All kinds of humiliating scenes were shot in that movie…

He had a hard time doing all this and he had to act and look like a girl for so long…

When the film was released, he had to dress once again like Alice. Strangely, it was the first time he didn‘t
feel reluctant…He was happpy to be “Alice”, happy to have been the “actor”…He was a little less at the movie
premiere. Everyone was laughing at him for having been Alice and having done all those things…Yet, once more,
as humiliating as it was, the movie was a huge success.