“Girls’” Day Out

friday, i attended the authentic colorings convention and supplied “make-up fundamentals for trans women.” the site of the conference is the uconn campus in storrs, connecticut — one of my life’s glad locations — and it is usually wonderful to go back to my alma mater. my presentation changed into at 1:15, so i did not have to rise up early and rush to storrs. as an alternative, i even had time for breakfast, dressed and left home at nine:30 arriving on campus an hour later. i wore a dress rather than pants as i firstly meant and i don"t suppose it made a lot of a distinction at some point of the 5-minute walk between the parking storage and the pupil union. what i truely wished was a hat. the wind was so blustery that i thought my wig changed into going to move airborne, however i made it interior in a single piece. (style notice: i wore my black laser cut get dressed from avon, nude pumps from payless, faux white fur jacket from style trojan horse, nude thigh excessive hosiery from berskshire, large beige bag from avon, jewelry from napier and avon and a ramification of unmentionables.) indoors, i checked in and obtained my presenter’s package. the first spherical of displays have been underway, so there had been not many students transferring through the constructing. i took advantage of the low stage of activity to camp out in one of the student union lounges to move over the presenter’s bundle and evaluate my presentation. i found a window seat with a pleasant view of the quadrangle among the scholar union and the benton artwork museum. it"s miles one of the few open spaces last from my days as a pupil on campus in the early 1970"s. maximum of the other open spaces were taken over by means of school rooms, dorms and sports activities facilities (when i was going to uconn, we released model rockets and performed touch football within the area now occupied by way of the garage where i parked my vehicle). that’s progress! after doing some office work and going over my presentation, i idea i used to be in an incredible spot for a photo, however i did no longer see every person i knew to designate because the photographer. a woman seating nearby turned into studying texts or e-mails with her iphone, so i figured she would be an awesome candidate to take a few images with my iphone. so i requested and he or she turned into very satisfied to shoot me. just as she started out, certainly one of my long time trans girlfriends, angie, got here into the living room, known as me “stunning” like she always does and that put a large smile on my face that is evident inside the images i posted from the convention. (it"s far amazing the difference among a posed smile and a herbal smile.) because the time for my presentation approached, i found my assigned room and settled in. thirty-two human beings confirmed up. they have been all college-aged (center college through university) and i thought that a number of them had been already appropriate and did no longer want any help from me; they could in all likelihood teach me some thing. it became out that one of the “fantastic” girls works part-time at sephora. i requested her a question approximately lip gloss that she was happy to answer, so "they" did teach me something! the presentation went well. there were questions, answers and a number of supply and take, but i don’t recognize. i ponder how treasured it"s far to educate teenagers and twenty-somethings make-up fundamentals and tricks that a 66-yr-vintage transwoman uses? a number of what i do is applicable, however i will ought to make a few adjustments to my presentation for any future younger audiences. after my presentation, i attended my pal diana’s presentation on post global warfare ii trans history. one purpose of her talk changed into to counter the famous perception that there was no trans advocacy till lately. her presentation showed that there has been lots of trans advocacy at some point of the publish-conflict era including stonewall, wherein trans peeps have been written out of some histories of that rebellion. diana and i planned to dine after her presentation, so we left uconn and rendezvoused a half of hour later at a restaurant in manchester, wherein we"ve got dined after the previous actual shade meetings. the massive distinction this yr became that the conference turned into on st. patrick’s day, so the eating place turned into busier than after past meetings. our waitress became similar to in preceding years and he or she became as affable as earlier than, but this time, in preference to referring to us as “ladies,” she known as us “ladies.” that become specific in a very good manner and made me smile. after dinner, we went our separate approaches and i arrived domestic at 7 pm, a touch worn-out, but very satisfied after a effective day trip.