How to Look Hot in Your Femme Photos (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

images are a high-quality manner to percentage your femme self with the arena.

but perhaps you believe you studied you need to seem like a version to take stunning pictures?

wager again! taking beautiful pix is all about skill.

here are my top 5 secrets for looking warm to your femme pix:

1. attitude your frame


when it comes to flattering pics, it’s all about the angles.

the #1 rule is to keep away from dealing with the digicam instantly on. this tends to make your frame look wider than it in reality is.

as a substitute, angle your torso away from the digital camera. this creates the illusion of smaller shoulders and allows balance the proportions of your frame.

2. function the digicam efficiently


the digital camera attitude has a huge effect on how your pictures turn out. if the digital camera is just too low, it could create the look of a double chin.

the camera lens need to be positioned at or above eye stage for the maximum flattering shots.

some other tip is to undertaking your chin forward an inch or so more than ordinary. this facilitates define your jawline, irrespective of the digicam attitude.

3. locate your high-quality side


it’s now not a fantasy that everybody has a “properly side”. our faces aren’t perfectly symmetrical, so they appearance specific from every aspect.

experiment with extraordinary facial angles until you discover your great look. try turning your face barely right or left, and tilting your chin up and down.

when you’ve found your top side, work it!

4. watch your fingers


fingers are a hassle spot for many crossdressers and transgender ladies.

posing together with your palms pressed in opposition to your frame makes them appearance even larger. hold your palms barely faraway from your frame for a slimming impact.
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