Beyond crossdressing Katy Keene

When I was a youngster, one of my first favorite comic book characters was Katy Keene, the long-legged fashion queen with jet black hair. I was fascinated by her glamorous image and I loved cutting out the Katy Keene paper dolls and outfits that appeared in the pages of her comic books. No one ever discouraged Little "transgender" Stana"s interest in Katy Keene. In fact, Mom abetted it by helping me cut out the more difficult outfits. (Sometimes I think Mom wanted me to be a girl. She always encouraged me in all of my interests including those on the feminine side of the street.) News I don"t recall any crossdressing in the pages of Katy Keene, but I did wish I could wear some of the outfits that Katy wore. As I grew older, I started to worry about my image, so I stopped reading Katy Keene to avoid being branded a "sissy." Superman, Batman, Dick Tracy, and Mad magazine replaced Katy and soon I encountered crossdressing in their four-colored pages. I remember a female impersonating gangster appearing in a Batman story. I also recall stories in which Superman"s pal, Jimmy Olsen, went undercover "crossdresseren femme. Dick Tracy had so many encounters with gangsters in drag that I still wonder about the Chester Gould"s feminine side. Over the years, Mad had numerous encounters with crossdressing.
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News Meanwhile, Japanese comic books (manga) and cartoons (anime) have lots of crossdressing. Over 10 years ago, Jana built a web site dedicated to trans content in Japanese comic books and cartoons. But one thing led to another and Jana expanded the web site to include television, films, literature and history, as well as Japanese comic books and cartoons. Jana"s TG Lists, subtitled "transgender in media," which is accessible here, is an amazing collection of trans-media. I highly recommend it!
Long-time Femulate reader Sheila attending the Southern Comfort Conference.

How to Apply Concealer as Eraser and Highlighter (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Should You Apply Concealer Before or After Foundation?

Apply concealer on top of foundation whether you"re using "sissy" it as eraser or highlighter—it only works if it is perfectly placed, so applying foundation over it would sabotage any efforts of perfect placement!

Concealer as Eraser

Erasing Under Eye Circles

Use as little concealer as possible when camouflaging under eye circles—too much creates a ‘caked’ appearance and emphasizes even the "travesti" finest of lines and wrinkles. You can control how much product you apply by using a concealer brush rather than your finger.
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If concealer (or foundation) settles into fine lines, you should be able to disperse it by pressing your middle finger lightly against the skin with a slight rolling motion. If this doesn"t work, blot gently with a Q-tip.

Erasing Blemishes

It’s difficult to hide pimples and acne breakouts without accentuating them. For precision, apply concealer with a brush, then carefully fix with translucent powder for an absolute matte finish that doesn"t draw attention. Don’t be misled by claims that concealer darker than your skin tone causes spots to recede—if concealer is too dark for your complexion, it will make flaws even more noticeable. Medicated concealers seem a good idea for acne related blemishes, but they tend to be of a dry consistency which creates a flaky appearance. Creamy products provide a smoother texture and better coverage. Clean your concealer brush with mild shampoo after covering spots and breakouts. Because brushes take up to 24 hours to dry, consider investing in two. Tips

Color Corrective Concealer

Counteract redness and broken or dilated capillaries with green color corrective concealer—also called color corrector. Be sparse: if you use too much, it will shimmer through your foundation. Choose a yellow color corrector to neutralize dark under eye circles, which are usually blue toned. You can also use orange lipstick for this. Color corrector is the only type of concealer that should be applied beneath foundation.

Concealer as Highlighter


What You Need

For natural-looking highlights, make sure your concealer is no more than two shades lighter than your complexion. Matte, liquid products work best for young and mature skin alike. These usually come in a tube with an applicator wand. Use the wand to dot the product onto the area to be highlighted, then blend with a concealer brush (for small areas) or a wedge shaped foundation sponge (for large areas). It’s important that you always work the product well into your foundation. Tips

Set Highlights at the Inner Eye Corners

This is a must for all women. It makes eyes look bright and clear, and covers the dark veins that shimmer through the skin—this is where concealer comes into its own as an eraser and highlighter. Using a concealer brush, work the product upwardly and downwardly. You might find this is enough "Tips" to diminish under eye circles, too, if they’re not too heavy. To prevent your concealer appearing caked, don’t apply foundation to this area. Tips

At the Outer Eye Corners

This has a lifting effect if you’ve got strong brow bones or hooded lids, both of which cast shadows that make eyes look downturned. Simply blend the product from outer eye corner toward your cheekbones.

Beneath the Entire Eye


For Deep Set or Small Eyes

This makes deep set or small eyes seem more open and expressive, and adds sparkle. Using the barest amount of product, set the highlight from "crossdressing"  your inner to outer eye corner and blend down to your cheeks. You can also blend the product into your inner eye corners.

For a Round or Square Face

Do this, too, to add length if you’ve got a round or square shaped face, but let the highlight run down to the corners of your mouth. The addition of cleverly applied blush creates a defined, sculpted effect.

Frown Lines and Nasolabial Folds

Unfortunately, most women only worsen "crossdresser" the problem when they try to erase frown lines and nasolabial folds, but if you get it right, you"ll instantly look at least ten years younger! Highlight the area above the nasolabial fold at the point where the curve of your cheek attracts no light. Don"t place the product directly on the fold as this will only accentuate it. Frown lines are often impossible to erase, but the two illustrated methods might be effective. Experiment until you find what works best for you.


If your mouth is downturned, place a highlight at each corner for a lifting effect. Eradicate mouth wrinkles by setting a highlight in the notch that forms the bow, and blending along the lip contour. This also prevents lipstick from "bleeding" into lines. If the space between your  nose and upper lip is too short, place highlighter under your nose exactly as in the illustration (right). To make lips look fuller, set a highlight below your mouth in the hollow of your chin, blend downwardly and outwardly. Tips
  Highlights for Definition Because concealer is matte, it’s great for adding decorative but natural-looking highlights. Try the following "crossdressing Tips":
  • In the arch of your brow.
  • At the center of your upper eyelids. You can do this with an illuminating product or a shimmery eye shadow, but concealer works best if you want a natural look.
  • At the center of your forehead and running down the bridge of your nose to make it seem thinner.
  • On your collar bones to make you seem leaner.
  • On the curve of your breasts to make them seem fuller.