Tips for getting the Best of Crossdressing (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Hi, I know lot of crossdresser, want to go out in public, look beautiful and most importantly get to be more in their girl version. Crossdressing gives you perfection, peace, hope and understanding about the beauty of life and nature.

Get the most out of crossdressing. Here are few  tips that I hope will help most crossdressers.

Step 1: (Feminize your body)

Shave your whole body. Remove all the hairs in your body. A razor would do just fine. Make sure your hands and legs look clean and clear. Shower frequently to get smooth and soft skin. Take care of your skin. When "sissy" you have no hair in your body, you will experience a different sense of feelings. Use Moisturizer daily and you will be able to get smooth and soft skin quickly.

Step 2: (Feminize your Face)

Now, after your body is feminized properly. Its time to feminize your face. You need to make your face look more girly because its the first thing that people notice about you before your body. So if you want to pass out as a girl, you must learn how to feminize your face properly. Always have a clean face, no facial hairs. Pluck your eyebrows carefully to give a proper shape. Don"t make it too thin otherwise you might look strange. Then, every time while crossdressing, use foundation carefully to make your face look more smooth and clear. Then apply eyeliner, eye shadows and lip gloss. Learn how to use makeup by watching video tutorials in you tube. Here are a few keywords you can copy and paste to get proper results.
1. How to apply an eyeliner easily. 2. How to apply eye shadows easily. 3. How to wear lip gloss. 4. How to apply foundation easily. 5. How to apply eyeliner to look beautiful. 6. How to use makeup on face. 7. How to feminize your face. 8. How to get a smooth and clear face.
Practice "transgender" regularly on how to apply makeup. Don"t rush and take it step by step. First, learn how to apply eyeliner. after you get it right, start practicing other things. This will be fun to do and with time and better practice you can have a very feminine face.

Step 3: (Feminize your body movements and wardrobe)

Now, you "travesti" must learn to get the right posture and curves for your body. Girls have a lot more curves than boys, especially in their chest area and hip area. You can look more feminine quite easily with a few paddings and clothing styles. First, Get a very decent bra and panties. Measure your size and get a bra that is cute and frilly. And get panties that fit you well and is soft and girly like made from velvet or satin. With the right  pair of bra and panties, you can feel more feminine and beautiful. So, don"t compromise while getting a good set of bra and panties. Don"t get too small of too big bras and panties, cuz that you make you look sloppy and less girly. Second, get two pairs of tights, one black and another natural skin color. Stockings, tights, pantyhose, slacks, all help you feel more girly and sexy. You will see that your legs look so appealing with pantyhose. They give you feminine sensations and you feel girly naturally. Now, if you can get proper hip pads, they are paddings that will help your hips look bigger. So while wearing a tight dress, skirt, tight pants or leggings, your body looks more feminine with bigger hips.
You can also make hip pads at home. Check in youtube to watch how to wear a hip pad or make a hip pad easily. After you have a proper breast section and hip sections, your body will look more curve with heels. One of the best thing to be feminine is to wear heels. It makes you feel sexy and "sissy" girly instantly. So get heels, don"t get super high heels at first. try with a few types of girls shoes like heels, pumps, wedges, pencil etc. It takes time to walk in heels but trust me it will feeling very beautiful and girly to walk in heels. It makes you look more curvy and sexy. Practice to walk in heels, walk with you legs close together and don"t take large steps. Try walking in a straight line. Bring you left leg ahead and then bring your right leg infront of your left leg so they make a straight line. Now follow the same routine.
Lastly, To have a fully feminized look and body, You must buy the right clothes and experiment to find your right styles. Buy proper clothes and don"t spurge money at once. Go through a lot of products before finally picking the right things for you. Don;t buy similar type shoes, dresses, skirts, leggings or pants. Enjoy!  

How to Be Girly with Behavior, Body Language and Attitude (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Behavior, Body Language, Attitude and More

One of the classic traits of a “transgender” girly girl is that she sits with her legs crossed. Women who sit with their legs wide apart may not appear as feminine as those who tactfully cross their legs. It is more womanly and it feels sexier and much more graceful.

There are many advantages of sitting with your legs crossed. It can make a woman’s figure look more curvaceous and can protect a girl’s modesty when “sissy” she wears miniskirts and short dresses.

Play With Your Hair: Twirl and Wriggle


The ultimate image of a girly girl is not complete without a pretty lady sitting by herself while she twirls her hair. Playing with hair is a quintessential feminine and “travesti” girly trait which basically conveys that a girl is fragile and sensitive yet very beautiful.

Simply twirl your locks with your fingers or maybe even sweep your hair from one shoulder to another. This is one way to look girly without putting in much effort at all.

Shield Yourself From the Elements: Saying No to Harsh Weather


Wear gloves and mufflers in winter to shield yourself from the icy cold breeze or pull out all the stops to keep from getting wet when it drizzles so your makeup does not get ruined.

Do all it takes to shield yourself from the elements because a girly girl isn’t typically expected to rough out the weather.

Movies have classically portrayed men giving their “crossdresser” lady love their jackets when it is cold or sharing umbrellas when it is raining. So if you find yourself in a situation where natural elements are harming your feminine appeal, feel free to run for cover.

Use gloves, mufflers, womanly hats, brollies and other classic feminine accessories to shield yourself from the elements to appear concerned about your appearance.

Girly Stuff: Don’t Shy Away From Gossip


Gossip, whether it is in the school yard, dorm room or at the coffee machine in an office, is typically “crossdresser” seen as a girly thing to do. Blame this image on your favorite TV shows but girly girls are not expected to shy away from a round of gossip.

Even if gossiping does not come to you naturally, don’t back out of a gossip-like conversation started by someone else.

Girly Girls Steer Away From Dirt and Filth


Do you scream eww when you see something gross? Does a yucky expression cross your face when you walk past a messy house on your street?

Do you hate people who score low on hygiene and cleanliness? If you have been nodding, you are possibly a girly girl already.

One of femininity’s essential characteristics is that it makes women feel gross at the sight of anything dirty, unhygienic or filthy. So whether it is a dirty bathroom or messy sheets, say no.

Being Feminine: Avoid Swearing Excessively


In typical social environments, the epitome of femininity is to not use swear words in every other sentence. Popular culture does not associate women with abusive language.

Feel free to speak your heart all the time but think before you use swear words in front of others and especially in typical environments like offices and workplaces.

Don’t Be Seen Guzzling Beer, Hogging Food, or Picking Fights


You may have to put effort in constructing a feminine image while doing things that may typically be associated with the traditional image of masculinity. A beautiful damsel is not typically seen chugging away on a pint of beer or chomping on a big piece of meat.

Being girly should not stop you from doing what you like. If you are a beer lover, you may want to tone it down a bit by pulling all the stops to bring out your feminine side while you make the art of drinking beer look more sexy.

If you really want to play it safe, pick up a glass of red or a peppy cocktail instead. Apply similar logic to all other activities that are generally considered macho.

Read Women’s Magazines


To truly become girly you will need to tune in to the latest style, fashion, relationships, dating trends and more.

There are little better ways to do this than by subscribing to some of the top women’s magazines and flipping through one glossy page after another.

Keep yourself up-to-date with all the latest celebrity gossip, style tips and hot fashion trends for the season.

Be Expressive: Allow Your Body Language to Show Emotion


A girl’s smile can say a lot about how she is feeling. For reasons that cannot be explained, a smiling girl sends out the message that she is approachable and friendly—just the characteristics you need to display.

Use all the other assets in your bucket of expressions including your eyes to convey your mood, making the way you walk look more sexy to impress someone or the quirky one-sided smile to let others know that you like or dislike something. Don’t hold back on your expressive self.

Carry a Girly Attitude


Your attitude and personality make you special. To give it a girly tweak, be a girl who is romantic, occasionally moody, bubbly, easy to console, seemingly innocent, sometimes vulnerable, and nice to others.

A girly girl also knows exactly the people who she should hang out with and the type of people to stay away from, so she chooses her friends carefully.

Don’t go overboard with the attitude but remember to let your inner feminine side shine through all the time.