How to Position Breast Forms(Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

You did your research regarding "transgender" choosing breast forms both from a model/style to match your needs and sizing perspective. Your long-awaited package arrives from your chosen online breast form boutique and now how to position for the optimum appearance. Your breast forms and bra selection will make the very most of your female shape only if they are sized proportionally and positioned correctly. It can be quite confusing with the different shaped crossdresser breast forms as to how they should sit in a bra. For example, an oval or teardrop shape tapers to a narrow end on one side. Which side faces towards the center cleavage area – the narrow or wider end? crossdresser
The answer will depend mainly on how you are attaching the breast forms. Will you be using a pocket ‘Jiggle’ bra, a regular non-pocketed bra or will you be attaching the "sissy" breast form directly to the chest with a medical adhesive?
The majority of our breast forms are sold with one or more of our sheer pocket ‘Jiggle’ bras that are made for our breast forms. The benefit of the crossdresser sheer pocket bra is that it holds the forms firmly in place against the chest, it has a sheer front so gives the effect of having real feminine breasts and due to the spandex material allows for the breast forms to move (bounce or ‘jiggle) as the wearer moves. Then there is a regular non-pocketed bra which is usually solid in the cup and should be underwired for support if it does not have a pocket.
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Both these bras will allow for positioning of the forms that will be quite different in some cases: SHEER POCKET ‘JIGGLE’ BRA TIPS: The shape of the cup in the pocket bra will determine exactly the positioning of the breast forms.
  • Remove new pocket bra from packaging and un-clip the bra band
  • Place the bra flat on a table with the pocket/back of the bra cups facing up
  • Hold pocket of the first cup open and slide breast form (nipple side down) you are holding into the pocket so that the widest side/end of the form is to the center of the bra forming the cleavage area. With such bras the narrower end of the form will be to the outer/underarm direction
  • Close up the pocket and make sure the form is in place
  • Lift the bra off the flat surface and place on the chest with arms through the shoulder straps and fasten the hooks. Adjust shoulder straps as necessary
  • Looking in a mirror make sure the form sits comfortably in the bottom of the bra pockets and the forms are well centered
The forms should now be correctly placed giving a pleasing feminine shape to the upper torso area. Generally, ovals and teardrops have a narrower side than points towards the underarm side and the same with asymmetrical breast forms. Rounded triangles have the longer side running along the bottom of the cup for optimum positioning. REGULAR NON-POCKET UNDERWIRE BRA: We do recommend if you are not using a pocket bra that you at least use an underwire bra which is needed for all but the very smallest silicone breastforms.
  • Remove bra from packaging, unclip band and loosen shoulder straps
  • Put arms through shoulder straps and clip up the hooks of the bra. Ensure bra is centered, band is flush against the chest just below the pectoral muscle
  • Take one breast form and place in the opposite cup to hand holding the form. If a fuller cup bra then the narrow end of the form (oval or teardrop) should be positioned to follow the line of the strap towards the shoulder
  • Repeat for the other side
  • Adjust shoulder straps so that forms positioned flush against the chest wall but not so tight that the shoulder straps are digging in
  • Look in mirror to ensure breast forms are resting full in the bottom of the cups and filling out the cup entirely. If the cup is not filled fully then you may have incorrectly sized breast forms or bra or the wrong shape breast form for your shape
Positioning the breast forms correctly in the right sized bra will ensure you achieve the most natural feminine shape so that all your dresses, tops and crossdresser lingerie look the most attractive by having all the right curves in all the right places. HOW TO POSITION BREAST FORMS WHEN USING BREAST FORM ADHESIVE: Always find the most attractive position first with a regular bra then make a mark on each side with an eye pencil before you start your adhesive application process. Don’t guess without the use of a bra unless you are very experienced or you will certainly risk poor positioning. Although we have given a guideline for correct positioning of breast forms, don’t be afraid to experiment with positioning according to the best shape you achieve for your body-shape. Need help with sizing and choosing the right breast forms then check the other articles in the Crossdresser Breast Forms section of our blog.

The latex catsuit crossdressing makeup fiction


Martin came to known as the artist. With streams of articulately crafted computer code. he would expertly design the most beautiful women the world had ever seen. Brave and rugged service agents would go into the capsule and
his wonderful latex-clad sculptures would come out. Even the harsh blonde woman. Ms. Williams. looked upon him with awe as he manipulated DNA like putty to create his army of vixens.

But it wasn ‘t enough. not for Martin. For all the perceived perfection he created, he was still unable to come close to the ideal image of beauty that girated in his head. on his screensaver and in his dreams. Bianca Beauchamp. Of course Ms. Williams would never allow him to make her. To create another version of an already existing woman would be highly unethical, not to mention dangerous.

But with every rubber goddess that came out of that capsule. Martin ‘s urge to do so anyway grew ever more insatiable. It was six months into his three year contract that he took the first step and he secretly had a custom made pvc catsuit produced using measurements he got from computer modeling pictures of Bianca. After that. step two was inevitable and over the next month he lovingly recreated Bianca Beauchamp in computer code. slaving over every single last detail to make sure she was flawless. It was during this time that Martin came to the realisation that if was ever going to complete his plan. he would have to transform himself into Bianca since there was no way Ms. Williams would ever authorise it as an official project.

It was 5am and Martin crept over to his workstation completely naked holding the latex catsuit in one hand. He checked the clock and noted he would have about two hours to spend as his dream girl. He readied the DNA profile in the software and set a thirty second countdown before scurrying into the pod. His breath shortened in anticipation as a digital display showed the countdown from five. On zero the entire chamber flashed white and Martin was thrown into the air. hot energy surged from every pore his body and he felt like he was being turned inside out. Finally. just as it was becoming unbearable. it stopped and Martin was dumped heavily to the floor. Feeling weak and groggy. he brought his hands to his face…woah!! His soft flabby cheeks had been replaced with firm cheekbones and he could feel locks of hair flowing down the sides of his face. lnstictively he pressed his full glossy lips together and brought his hands down to his brand new round tits. gripping them tightly in triumph. It
worked! ! Over the next ten minutes he struggled into the catsuit. leaving rubber burns from the latex on his designer ass. Allowing the zipper to rest just below his perky globes. he exited the capsule…

Well. well. welL..’ snapped a furious looking Ms. Williams. ‘What has the artist created this time?’

Sissy crossdressing lost forever fiction


Hey, are you sure about this?‘ called out Harry as he maneuvered his jetski to follow the one driven by his best friend, Joel, as they approached the shore of the tropical island, ‘that guy that lent us these skis said some of these islands are inhabited by tribes who can be aggressive towards outsiders.‘

Relax,‘ smirked Joel, ‘this one is clearly just full of plants. Besides, I think we can handle some primitive jungle man…or jungle women! ‘ he winked, cupped a pair of imaginary breasts in front of him and pretended to jiggle them around. No sooner had he finished, there was a whizzing noise as a dart shot out from within the trees and Joel fell from the jetski clutching his neck. Harry watched, frozen in panic, before he felt a stabbing pain in his thigh, slowly his world faded to black.

Harry awoke with a dull pain in his head, it felt like he had been out for days. From his lying position he checked out his surroundings. He was outside in a small wooden cell, seemingly in a clearing in the jungle. At the other end of the clearing was an old white building and what looked like a guard station. Holy shit, he thought, noticing
the guards. They were tall athletic tribal women, straight up Amazonian goddesses, only…only they were dressed from head to toe in latex and tattoos. They looked like voodoo dominatrixes. ‘Psssst…over here! ‘ Harry turned to see another wooden cell occupied by a beautiful red-headed girl dressed in matching red latex and fishnet
stockings. ‘Hey, it’s Joel! ‘ the girl hissed.

Joel?! But y-y-you’re a girl…you have boobs! ‘ Harry stammered.

Uh-huh,’ Joel groaned, ‘I guess you haven’t seen yourself.‘ Harry looked down at his own body for the first time. Like Joel, he was in encased in a tight latex dress with stockings, heels and .omg..!…he thought clutching the tits that were now attached to his chest. ‘I think I’ve found a way out! ‘ Joel whispered before heaving one of the wooden stakes out of the soft ground and toppling the cage over, quickly he did the same to Harry’s and together they stumbled toward the jungle. The beauties in the guard station noticed immediately and gave chase. Harry jiggled and tottered as fast he could on the platform heels but they were to be his downfall, literally. His left
heel caught in some rocks and he stumbled forward violently, taking Joel with him and landing hard on his latex gloved hands. The lead amazon closed the distance instantly and stood over the boys, giving them a first good look at her stunning athletic figure.

W- w- w- why are you turning us into g-g-girls?‘ stuttered Harry, cowering beneath her sexy imposing form.

Turning?‘ she smiled raising one eyebrow coyly. Terrified, the boys slowly reached under the hems of their latex dresses to find ‘their way’ wasn ‘t the only thing they had lost in the jungle.

DIY Trans Conference

By Eve Taylor My Southern Comfort Conference (SCC) experience last week wasn’t so comfortable. Maybe it"s my age and experience (married and 60+), but I think I’ve outgrown the transgender conferences and meetings.
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I have enjoyed the First Event in Boston the last few years; they’re well organized and attended. This year I thought it would be nice to be warm and tropical (Florida). That it was, but the hotel was just dismal and shoddy and in need of a refurb. I know it is the attendees that make the conference, but cigarette burns and mildew in the rooms… echh! The SCC people should re-think that venue location. What was great was that that my wife and I skipped out of there ASAP, shot up to Vero Beach and had a fantastic time in the sun and surf on our own. Dressing for the beach, pool, dinner, breakfast, shopping!!! We made our own conference. I, no, we, discovered how liberating it is to be on your own and out and about. Just a couple of gals out having fun. Everyone we met was so nice and friendly. We found out what many married CD’s have discovered… that two ladies out and about attract little attention other than the best wishes from all. Next time you’re on vacation, pack femme, be free (and respectful of other people’s “sensitivities”) and enjoy yourself!!!
Source: Ann Taylor
Uku Suviste
Uku Suviste ready to femulate Beyonce on Estonian television"s Your Face Sound Familiar.