Whatever happened to crossdresser p-l-richards fiction


This week on Flashback Friday we revisit a familiar face in a not-so-familiar body. T’g aptioner p-l-richards found himself facing the wrath of Femnonymous as they sought to e an example of him to other cappers. Once captured, he was surgically transformed y the shadowy group and forced to use his creativity once more to pen the fates of others

Femnonymous deemed deserving of unwanted womanhood. Let’s drop in and see how
is doing, shall we?
The prisoner formerly known as p-l-richards sat on the jail cell bench with his wrist: tightly
ured behind his head to the wall. Even if he could escape, he doubted he would get veiy
yar in the ballet heels that his feet had been stuffed into. The rest of his outfit consisted of
I ishnets and an excruciatingly tight red corset that forced his giant implanted breasts to
-p out against a black bra wildly. Hooded Femnonymous operatives would visit him twice
ly to redo his makeup theorising that it would help him get into the mindset of a
woman, and why not…he was in the everything else of a woman…
The mindset thing was supposed to help with his ‘job’. Since writing out the twisted fates of
four politicians, Femnonymous had forced him to create countless other scenarios for
downfall of many of their other targets and gradually he began to lose track of time
how long he had been there, unable to think in other plane than the sad is ticstorie she
was made to tell…

The cloaked Femnonymous agent entered the cell carrying a laptop and a set of glossy
photographs, laying them down so they could release the prisoner’s hands. P-l-richards sat
timidly rubbing his wrists while the agent fired up the computer.
We’ve received word that the Network is just about to resurface, ‘ the figure rasped
quietly. ‘we warned them. we told them to keep their demeaning filth off of people’s
television screens and they haven’t listening. It’s time for them to pay the price. ‘ The agent
laid out the photos in front of its captive. ‘All of these people are connected with the
Network somehow and I am leaving it to your creative mind to constuct their doom, to use
your twistedly creative mind to plot their roads into femininity. ‘ The figure pulled back its
hood to reveal the face and head of a beautiful woman with white blonde hair and strong
determined features. ‘This time we need something…extra, ‘ she smiled thinly. ‘Something
even more gorgeous to ensure that no-one dares defy us ever again. And just to make sure
you’re up to the task…‘ She took out a small needle from the folds of her cloak andjabbed
it into the curvy rump of p-l-richards’ as. just below the lower-case ‘f’ he had been
branded with. Suddenly. he began to grow warm and restless as a manic horniness started
to overcome him. his mind filled with wonderfully perverted ideas and his fingers anxious
to write them down. ‘…because what’s to come… ‘ the amazon pushed the laptop towards
he sweating prisoner. ‘…and by that! don ‘t just mean you…no. what’s to come for the
Network. and anyone else who stands in our way. is going to be very intersting indeed…

10 Transgender Role Models to Inspire You (For Male to Female Transgender / Crossdresser)

crossdress Caitlyn Jenner might be the world’s most famous transgender woman – but the truth is, there are so many amazing (though lesser-known) transgender “sheros” we can also look up to.   These trailblazers are shattering stereotypes and breaking boundaries. It’s a beautiful thing! That’s why in this post, I want to celebrate 10 transgender role models worth knowing about. Read on to be inspired!

Laverne Cox

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Laverne Cox is the star of the hit TV series, Orange is the New Black, and the first openly transgender actress to be nominated for an Emmy Award. She’s also the first transgender person to appear on the cover of TIME magazine. Not only is she gorgeous and talented, she uses her fame to advocate for transgender rights around the world.

Andreja Pejic

sissy Andreja Pejic is a supermodel who walked the runway for both men’s and women’s fashion shows before transitioning as a woman in 2014. As the face of Make Up For Ever, she’s the first transgender model to be featured in a major beauty campaign. She’s also the first transgender model to be profiled by Vogue magazine.

Lili Elbe

transgender Lili Elbe is the subject of the book and movie The Danish Girl. She’s notable for being the first transgender woman to undergo gender reassignment surgery in 1930 in Germany. Her initial surgeries were a success. Sadly however, her last surgery (to transplant a uterus so she might be able to have children), lead to her death.

Jazz Jennings

tgrolemodel-jazzjennings Jazz Jennings is an inspiring role model for transgender youth. She first appeared in a 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters in 2007 called I’m a Girl – Understanding Transgender Children. Since then, she’s been featured as the face of Clean & Clear’s See the Real Me campaign and stars in a TLC reality series called I Am Jazz.

Janet Mock

tgrolemodel-janetmock A former editor at Marie Claire and People magazine, Janet Mock is a transgender activist and the NY Times best-selling author of the book, Redefining Realness. She launched the #GirlsLikeUs movement to redefine the way the media and society view transgender women. (And did I mention, she’s gorgeous?)

Jenna Talackova

tgrolemodel-jennatalackova Jenna Talackova is a Canadian model who made headlines when she won the right to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant in 2012. She went on to make it into the Top 12 and was selected Miss Congeniality. Jenna currently works as a model for the prestigious Wilhelmina agency while continuing to champion transgender rights.

Christine Jorgensen

tgrolemodel-christinejorgensen Christine Jorgensen is a former soldier who became a media sensation in the U.S. after undergoing gender reassignment surgery in Denmark in 1952. While her transition was ridiculed at the time, she brought national attention to gender issues. She went on to become a successful entertainer.

Jennifer Pritzker

tgrolemodel-jenniferpritzker Jennifer Pritzker is notable for being the first transgender billionaire. An heir to the Hyatt Hotels fortune and a former high ranking lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, she came out as transgender in 2003. She has since donated $2 million for transgender studies to the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

Marci Bowers

tgrolemodel-marcibowers Marci Bowers is an OB/GYN and surgeon who was the first transgender woman to perform gender reassignment surgery. Considered an innovator in the field, she’s gone on to perform over 1,500 gender reassignment surgeries.

Geena Rocero

tgrolemodel-geenarocero Geena Rocero was a successful fashion model for 12 years, appearing in major campaigns for Target, Rimmel, Revlon, Macy’s, and more. She came out as transgender during a TED Talk in 2014. Geena went on to co-found GenderProud, an organization that helps transgender communities around the world advocate for legal rights.
Who are your favorite role models?
Wow, was it hard to limit this list to just 10 role models! There are so many more incredible transgender people (both male and female) that deserve to be celebrated. That’s why I’d love to hear from you on this topic. Who else do you think should be included?  

Hillary for Halloween

Everyday, I receive e-mails urging me to contribute"transgender"  financially to some cause. Lately, many of those e-mails have been in the political realm. A few days ago, I received an e-mail from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) addressed to my male e-mail address with the "crossdresser" subject being "Break out your best pantsuit, Stan."
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My first thought was "How did they know that Stan owned a pantsuit?" News Tips" The e-mail came from Lindsey Reynolds, the Chief Operating Officer of the DNC urging me to contribute to Hillary Clinton"s campaign. In the e-mail, "crossdressing" Ms. Reynolds wrote, "We"re also getting closer to my favorite October holiday: Halloween. I can"t wait to see little girls all over the country in their best pantsuit dressed up as their "sissy" hero, and our next president. (And not just the girls! My son, Mason, has even asked if he can be Hillary for Halloween -- so I may have him try out the college Hillary look out because she was just too cool.)" Wow! You go, Mason! Anyway, in 2008, I thought about femulating Sarah Palin for Halloween, but I did not think I could pull it off, so I didn"t try. But I might be able to pull off a "travesti" Hillary femulation.
Mart Müürisepp femulates Nancy Sinatra and These Boots Are Made For Walking  on Estonian televsion"s Your Face Sound Familiar.

Sissy pink babydoll fiction


Having taken the attitute that blissful ignorance would be better than the torment of twenty girls emasculating him at a party, Felix agreed to let his sister issue the trigger word and he awoke the next morning in a pink babydoll and frilly pink panties, his hair in tight pigtails. It seemed Tori had known where the handcuff keys were all along… He quickly changed into the most masculine clothes in his wardrobe, pulling a pair of baggy jeans over his smooth waxed legs and combining it with an old Metallica t-shirt, using a sharpee to cover his pink nails. With his now long blonde hair, he just about pulled ofi a grungy rock look.

Deciding that the safest course of action was to stay well away from his sister, Felix arranged to see a girl he’d been flirting with recently, at the local shopping malL If hitting on a girl he liked couldn’t get his testosterone going again, nothing could. He arrived around an hour before his scheduled meet up with Jenna and so decided to grab a slice of pizza and check out the latest dvds. Off he wandered towards the food court…


Felix was jolted back to reality by the movement of the escalator, losing his balance and landing hard on his ass. His attempt to stand back up was quickly thwarted by the towering platform heels attached to his feet. Oh no?! How on Earth had Tori got to him?! Feeling horribly exposed in the tight mini dress, he frantically looked around for his real clothes finding only a large leather handbag. Opening the clasp, he found it to be full of receipts; from Forever 21 for the dress and heels, from a beauty salon for a facial and makeup, and from Victoria’s Secret. Given that he had no shopping bags. he could only assume where ‘his’ new underwear was. Feeling as urge of panic starting to build, he looked deeper into the bag for a clue to where his clothes were until, finally. he spotted a small ‘thank you for your donation’ card from a clothes bank. In one corner was written ‘call me’ above the name ‘Daniel’ and a string of numbers. Great…

As he reached the top of the moving staircase, he noticed his date. Jenna. standing and waiting for him. There was a hint of recognition as she watched the blonde in the slutty dress and heels get off the escalator and so Felix made a hasty exit as he tried to prepare himself mentally for the humiliation of stumbling home in his feminised state. lt dawned on him that he may have avoided lenna. but he was still deep within his sister’s grip.