Transgender fiction the viewing


The newlyweds strode up the driveway and were greeted by a rather flustered looking real estate agent.

Look l know we agreed on a viewing today but we’ve had a bit of an incident here last night. It seems a sorority from the local college broke in so they could hold a party. We’ve been cleaning all morning but the place is still a bit of a mess. I totally understand if you want to wait until another day or view a different property,‘ blurted out the agent.

No I think it will be ok. It’ll give us an idea what the place will look like once we have kids.’ the couple laughed loudly.

Twenty minutes later and the viewing was going surprisingly well. The Chapmans loved the living room and the way kitchen had one of those islands.

You know the sorority party is only half of the story,‘ explained the agent, ‘a bunch of guys from the local high school got wind of the party and organised a raid. It’s not clear what happened but there were water bombs and firecrackers everywhere. It’s usually such a nice neighborhood though ls wear.‘

Next the group headed to the large bathroom. The agent pushed open the door and brought her hands to her face in shock. There next to the bathtub lay a slender looking girl dressed in a cheer leading uniform. Her wrists and ankles were bound together and a piece of electrical tape covered her mouth. The agent frowned angrily, grabbing the girl harshly by the shoulder and ripping the tape from her mouth.

You university girls think you can get away with anything. Well not this time young lady! What’s you your name? You’re in big trouble!‘ M-m-my name is N-n-n-na than, I g-g-go to Newport H-h-high School,’ he stammered.

Crossdressing fiction whatever happened to stephanie ff


It’s Friday once again and so as always there ‘s a Flashback coming your way. This week it’s Stephanie, the former leader of the Pink n Prissy Society, who fell foul to her own methods and was prissified by her own followers. let’s see how she ‘5 handling her enforced change of style, shall we?

I see them. Prowling the school like they own it. Snickering and laughing. They think they have championed, bested me… But no… I built the Pink n Prissy collective and I can sure as hell tear it down, all I have to do is bide my time and wait for my moment…

I see the way they look at me. like I ‘m just another victim of the mean game that I created. like I ‘m one of those boys all trussed up in nylons and dresses, slathered with makeup… Fools. I may be playing the part, for now… I may be attending school in this ridiculous outfit they put me, acting the part of the defeated, broken loser. I even ‘accidentally’ give them a flash of diaper from time to time, avert my eyes in shame as they smile in victory…their false sense of security inflating with their egos, the elevation of their downfall growing ever

I must say that I’m a little disappointed that Grace has already fallen. I wanted it to be me who took her down but I can ‘t say that it isn’t satisfying seeing her limp about school as if she has a freight train stuffed up her butt. She messed with the wrong person…twice…but l have no doubt the Society will avenge her. Kirsten is older but she’ll be no match for four girls. Josie especially is devious and you can be sure she has a plan for destroying her…humiliating her… Which is why I must continue like this, wearing this absurd prissy outfit instead of jeans, mincing about pathetically. They must suspect nothing until it is too late and they have already suffered a fate far worse than the one they have cast upon me.

I don ‘t wear these frills lightly, but for now they are my cover, my disguise. I am a wolf in sheep ‘s clothing, an angry and wounded wolf, who grows more hungry with every day she is encased in this feminine suit. I hate looking like this, and I hate what they have done to me, but believe me, I would hate even more to be in their shoes once I am through with them. They won ‘t see me coming…