Loving All Earrings

This is the third in a seven-part series of posts written by Femulate Contributing Editor Susan King of Transitioning into Tomorrow fame. Susan describes how to determine your face shape and then, how to put that information to good use.   I love wearing earrings because they feminize, add color and balance my face. It"s fun trying to "crossdress" match the correct style and color with my outfit. I used to wear clip-on earrings only because I could not "sissy" pierce my ears. Then a few years ago, I learned how to wear pierced earrings without piercing my ears and how the shape of your face can assist you in choosing the proper "crossdresser" earrings. I now wear colorful stud earrings without pierced ears. I even have a few dangling earrings. I cut off  the stud from the earrings and use nail "travesti" glue to attach the earring to my ear lobe. It works great as ou can see here.
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I still buy earrings based on color and design and now I have so many more choices. The only determining factor is the shape of my face. This past Friday I wrote a post about determining your face shape. Mine is oval, but it"s changing due to my HRT. My face is thinning which is changing my shape from oval to oblong.  Based on the two earring guides below, there is not much difference in the choices "crossdressing" for oval and oblong. The first guide has a few differences and the second guide does not include oval, so I consider oval in the oblong group.
In the second guide, the "Oblong and Rectangle" group "transgender" represents my current pierced earring styles. Again, I cut off the stud and glue the earring on my lobe. Once I remove my earring, I can wash or rub off the remaining glue. I found this nice storage bin at Goodwill and use it to hold my chip-on earrings. I still use them, but I mostly use my stud-less pieced earrings.
I love shopping and wearing earrings that match or highlight my outfit and the rest of my jewelry. The right jewelry can enhance that outfit.  Go shop and have fun.
Jai Rodriguez femulates on a 2011 episode of television Harry"s Law.

Prison’s next top transgender model fiction


The Network was on a roll and Prison’s Next Top model was their latest show. It was their most ambitious project yet and was attracting record viewers.

The concept was that every week three ‘sponsors’ would select an inmate of their choice from the local prison system to he their model for the week.

They could use their own funds to modify their ‘model’ in any way they pleased and then it was up to them to secure modeling contracts…female modeling contracts. The two inmates to earn the least money for the week
would he returned to prison in whatever state they were left in whereas the winner would he released into the custody of the sponsor. The price of freedom was literally what you were willing to do to get modeling deals.

To much anticipation, the premiere finally arrived. Three hopeful convicts were chosen from a shortlist of thousands and for seven days they worked their pantied asses of for contracts. Today we’re to look at the two that
didn’t quite make it.

On the left is Patrick, who was imprisoned on drug charges and was sponsored by a small time agency who sourced models for fetish websites. As a low budbet site they were unable to afford more than a wardrobe change and a makeover, hoping that Patrick’s youthful looks and new latex outfits would he enough to attract some punters. Sadly for them, and Patrick, it wasn’t and they only earned around $390 for the week. Now Patrick sat in a holding cell shuddering at what his fellow inmates were going to make of his new appearance.

Even less fortunate was kph, on the right, who was strangely sponsored by a Japanese exchange student named Aiko Yoshihiko. Upon being chosen, Rob a mere shoplifter, was feminised by Aiko in a collection of cosplay style
outfits. To his dismay; Aiko made no attempt to make money out of this and simply seemed to enjoy Rob’s predicament. She took hundreds of pictures for her blog and at the end of the week she kissed him on the lips and thanked him having made absolutely zero money. Now still in his last outfit, he held the bars of his holding cell and watched nervously as the smirking guards prepared to release him into general population.