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Warm sunshine poured in through the back of the station wagon as it sped past the
suburban sprawl and Chris felt himself beaming back with satisfaction. It had worked! He
couldn ‘t move yet, the muscle inhibitor still inhabiting his muscles, but as sure as there

if was a young man dolled up next to him in a short summer dress with slutty platform heels
on the ends of a pair of freshly waxed legs, it had worked. The girls up front chattered 4
happily and sang along with rock-radio while he fantasised about what his reward would
be for helping them lure their victim. Sure, it was a small task, slipping the drug into the
guy’s beer, but it had come with a degree of risk. What if he ‘d been spotted?! He ‘d been
surprised when his own body had begun to stiffen up but he ‘d quickly appreciated the
girls ‘ ingenuity. If he appeared to be an equal victim in the scheme, the other guy…the
real target would never suspect that he was in on it. The hot one. Paris maybe. must havc‘
slipped the drug into his beer when she handed it to him and explained her plan. So there
they had been, two guys growing increasing limp against the bar, when the girls came
over. Like anyone picking up a date, they had helped the boys out into the parlu’ng lot and J
begun the transformations in the shade behind their station wagon. Even though he had
by now figured out they were hiding his participation. he was still a little taken aback
when they started taking his clothes off too, replacing his shorts with lacy panties and
waxing his legs…their dedication even went as far as applying make up and a wig. He
was impressed…impressed and excited. If they were willing to go this far now, just
imagine how far they would go to reward him..

The station wagon chugged over a pothole and Christopher wished that his muscles
weren ‘t so stiff so that he could shift into a more comfortable position, or at least move his
bare legs out of the baluing sun… Still, it would be worth it, he was sure: The lengths he
had gone to in order to help reel in the poor sap lying next to him in the leggings and
platform sandals for those girls would definitely not be going unnoticed. They had
approached him in the parlu’ng lot as he was about to enter the bar, two of them..’.young
and unbelievably good-loolu’ng. They had pointed out the one they wanted, they didn ‘t
say why but a flirty wink and a promised reward was all it took. These girls were
something else..’. He didn ‘t know why they didn ‘t just drug the guy themselves…no man in

their right red-blooded mind would be paying too much attention to their pint of beer with
those babes around… Maybe they wanted to reward him, he would have smiled to himself
but the muscle inhibitor kept his cosmetic laden face frozen in place. He hadn ‘t expected
to be drugged too, but he wasn ‘t too shocked either. It was a good plan…two girls and a
guy helping one other man between them would have looked strange…the even numbers

made it more passable. He could have done without being stuffed in a summer dress but it
would be worth it in the end. He heard the girl driving laugh excitedly about a sex
dungeon or something and his mind raced over what they might have planned for the
other guy, he was glad not to be in his heels..‘. The car slowed and seemed to be turning

into a gravel parluing area just as Ahe started to get a little sensation back in his toes.
Excellent…he didn ‘t want to be’numb for his reward.. He lifted one heeled foot slightly to

get the blood flowing and looked forward to getting back in his own clothes.

Marie’s First Time

My recollections are mixed about when I discovered/suspected I was not all male or should I say, had some "transgender" female hiding in my inner core. My first positive but fearful incident occurred at about age 12 or 13 when one day I discovered my nipples were suddenly hard and sore and had a pronounced bud of perhaps a quarter in diameter, which was tender to the touch. I was terrified – am I turning into a girl? After a week or so, all the sensations and buds receded and I continued life as normal. At about age 16 several things happened. Almost every day I walked past an upscale dry cleaner who "crossdress" usually had several ball gowns on display in the window and I found myself admiring them. My movie heroes were John Wayne’s portrayals in westerns and war movies, but occasionally, I saw a Technicolor musical. Often these starred glorious women like Debbie Reynolds, Lana Turner, and Elizabeth Taylor. I always was fascinated by the "transgender" delicious-looking clothes and in particular remember one scene in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof where Elizabeth Taylor was wearing a body-clinging slip. I thought that was fantastic and began to envy women for their ability to wear the clothes that looked great and offered freedom of expression and mood in sharp contrast to the dull drab colors and styles of men’s attire. My next shocker came at summer camp where everyone wore shorts. My first day there I put on the uniform and when I stepped out of the tent, I got some whistles and comments from several "sissy" girl campers about my great gams, which were “too good for a boy.” Was I embarrassed!! But I cataloged the incident in my brain. The next adventurer was self-induced. While baby-sitting for a relative, I discovered an evening gown – probably a bridesmaid’s – hanging in the hallway in a pink plastic bag. Carefully I raised the plastic and found a gorgeous green velvet floor-length gown with a "travesti" princess neckline. I was drawn to trying it on. Quickly I took in into the spacious bathroom, took a very quick shower, then stepped into heaven and zipped up the back. My cotton boy socks filled out the bodice wonderfully. The off-the-shoulder style added a degree of daring and romance. It reminded me of Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind and her gown made from the living room draperies.
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I was ecstatic, but after a few twirls in front of the full-length mirror, I was seized simultaneously with near euphoria and panic. Quickly, but very carefully I unzipped and let the green velvet cloud slowly slide to the floor, where after gracefully stepping out of its warm circle, I very gingerly hung it up, covered it in its plastic protective cocoon and returned this marvel of femininity to its original position. I invite all Femulate readers to share their first crossdressing experience. Try to recall that moment the first time you tried on a woman’s garment and began the process of unveiling and exploring your feminine self. To entice you to share your first time story, I will give away a free copy of my e-book Fantasia Fair Diaries to all whose stories I use in Femulate.
An all male cast performs Guys and Dolls at the UK Caldicott Prep School in 2015.

5 Crossdressing Tips For Walking In High Heels (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Practice Practice Practice
Before rushing to go out in your brand new heels, ( or for your very fist time ) take the time to get comfortable in your new "sissy" heels, & get used to walking in them. A beginner ?? Just get used to STANDING in them & practice walking around the house.  TIPS: Push It Real Good
Push your limits when practicing, try going up and down stairs, and on different "travesti" surfaces, wood floors, concrete, brick, etc.  Baby Steps
When in heels, take smaller steps and shorten up your stride. Don"t forget to "crossdress" keep your legs together and straight.  All The Way Up
When first learning to walk in heels, start off with a "crossdresser" shorter heel and work your way up. Posture Posture Posture
Work on your posture, and how to stand in heels.  Don"t hunch over, "transgender" stand up straight with your shoulders back. 

When did you make the gender switch?

This year, my Hamvention experience was amazing and filled with so many memories! Where do I begin?   In case you just tuned in, Hamvention is the largest ham radio convention this side of the Arctic Circle and I have been a regular attendee since 1979. Also, I am a well-known "crossdresser" writer in the ham radio world having penned among other things, five books and over 1,200 articles. Since 2010, I have been attending Hamvention as a woman. Although it was scary the first time going in, I quickly realized that most of the "sissy" attendees did not recognize me as that well-known writer. Rather, they assumed I was a middle-aged woman, probably the wife of a ham, helping out at one of the booths at the convention.
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transgender Aha moments only occurred when someone examined my name badge and recognized my "travesti" call sign. Those moments were few and far between and I was basically invisible at Hamvention. As a result, I passed successfully. This year was very different. The folks who run Hamvention chose me (as Stan) to be the recipient of their prestigious Special Achievement Award. I had to decide quickly who would go to Hamvention to accept the honor. I thought about "sissy" it for about 30 seconds ? that invisible middle-aged woman who has been attending Hamvention for the past six years would make the trip to Dayton to pick up the award. transgender So I emailed the Hamvention folks my biography and a current "transgender" photo to display on their website and print in the convention program, which means that anyone who looked at the website or program would see that the winner of the award was that well-known writer, but now he is a she! Some people thought that the Hamvention folks had erred using an unknown woman"s photo with Stan"s write-up and that is my fault. I stuck with Stan because (1) the people who nominated me for the award nominated "Stan" not "Stana" and (2) Stan not Stana, was responsible for the "crossdressing" bulk of the accomplishments I was being honored for. As a result, there was some confusion among the civilians attending Hamvention. The following anecdote is an example of their disorientation. Throughout the Hamvention, I kept running into a husband and wife in my hotel, who I recognized from past Hamventions, but could not remember who they were. So whenever I saw them, I would just wave or say "Hi" and leave it at that. transgender Saturday evening, as I exited the hotel dressed to the nines to attend the awards dinner, the husband was outside smoking. I said "Hi" and continued to walk to my car, when I heard the husband say, "Stan, when did you make the gender switch?" I turned around. He did not seem angry, upset or transphobic, but rather curious, so I politely answered his question. "I"ve been reading your articles for "crossdress"years and I had no idea!" he added. And that was atypical. A few people asked me what name did I prefer, but most people accepted me as I was without asking me to explain myself. And it does not get much better than that!
transgender A chorus of gurls in the 1944 film When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.