Crossdressing Events The Femme Gala Ball Sat

Wow has it been a year already ? It is time once again for The Femme Gala Ball one of the largest gatherings of Crossdressers and Transgender Women, Significant Others, Admirers  & Friends on the east coast . Here you can meet like minded people, make new friends, wear your most elegant gown all under one roof in the safety and comfort of the Femme Group. Picture an "Oscar Style "party, with a DJ,Dancefloor, All you can eat dinner selections, cash bar, a professional photographer, photo booth, and some of the BEST people to spend a fabulous evening with.   Last years event was huge and had an extremely large turnout and this year expect an even BIGGER crowd. Girls come from all over the United States and make a weekend of it with events and outings scheduled for Friday night too...All the information and some pictures on everything you need to know is below.
What is Femme ?  Femme is the leading transgender organization and transformation service in the United States . It is a professional and personalized service for the transgendered community. They have been proudly serving those within this community for over 15 years and continue to be dedicated to helping you "unleash" your femme side. 

With utmost discretion, let we help you discover and celebrate your beautiful femme self, as well as provide you with the resources for friendship and guidance through your journey. 

Offering a variety of services, a fully stocked boutique for all of your femme needs and fun events like The "Gala Ball" we guarantee to be your best all around choice for a friendly, affordable and safe crossing dressing and transitional journey. 
crossdresser WHERE IS THE EVENT HELD  The Ball Is Held at the LGBT friendly Clarion Hotel & Conference Center - Macarthur Islip Airport, Ronkonkoma, New York. Located off the LIE or Northern State Parkway, close to Macarthur Airport and within 50 minutes of New York City. 

FREE Shuttle service from and to Macarthur Airport (East Islip Airport) and there is also a nearby Train Station. 

The Block Number is "FEMMEFEVER GALA BALL 2016". The block number must be used in order to reserve rooms at this special rate. To reserve, you must call the actual hotel the ball is taking place at, (631) 585-9500 to receive the special $99 rate (not the general Clarion number for all Clarion hotels). 
crossdresser How Can I Attend This Event ? Tickets must be purchased in advance. Gala Ball Tickets are $85.00 per person. Cash, Check, Credit Card, Money Order and PayPal are all acceptable forms of payment. 

Checks and Money Orders must be made payable to KL Enterprise Inc. and can be mailed to PO Box 203, Levittown, NY 11756. Please be sure to include a note that states your name, where the tickets should be mailed or if you are opting for the tickets to be held at the door (if so under what name). 
Your tickets for this incredible event can be held at the door, mailed to you or picked up (at Karen"s in Levittown/ Wantagh) prior to the event. 

Get your tickets TODAY! Last years event turn out nearly filled to space capacity!! 
Can I Get A Makeover There ?
Yes !! You can !! Why not look your very best right ? Professional Pre-Ball Makeovers are available in our Large & Lovely courtesy room at the very same location our event takes place, Clarion Hotel & Conference Center.  Prior to the Ball, in a fabulous, private room, Transformation Specialist, Karen and several other Professional Makeup Artists will be working on makeup application by appointment. We work closely with each gal to ensure you look just as beautiful as you imagined! 

Professional Makeup Application, plus wig brush out.

Most gals that attend this elegant event book an appointment for professional makeup application so be sure to book your appointment as soon as possible as available appointment times do fill up quickly. 

Wigs, Hose, Nails, Jewelry, etc. can be picked up as well in the private room area where makeovers will be taking place.

What if I am afraid to go out in public dressed ?
Femme"Crossdresser or Transgender"  is one of the most welcoming and comfortable groups out there today. If you feel uncomfortable they will also provide one of the Femme gals to walk you to the Ballroom should you not want to walk alone.  
What else is going on that weekend ? 
Prior to the ball on Friday there will be a Meet & Greet dinner and an outing to the nearby Lizard Lounge.
A Saturday Pre -Ball Lunch will be held at a local restaurant across the street. 
Late Saturday night will be an AFTER PARTY with DJ, Drinks & More Dancing inside the hotel bar area. 

26 lesbian sex tips that’ll *actually* blow your mind (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Explosive new things to try… illustrations TIPS

Try a gentle massage with some oil so you can explore each others curves. Hold off from sex as long as possible and work yourselves into a frenzy. “travesti

Fction sissy daddy’s special Tgirl

Fort e next few cays I spent most of my time worng out who Brandy actually was. I might ave
ransforrned into her, but that didn’t mean I knew thing one about her mannerisms or personality. I
ent up to her room, pawed through racks of expensive and revealing clothing. Watched the videos
on her computer of cheerleading tryouts, acting auditions, anything she put her mind to. Without
much difficulty I could do a roundabout approximation of her after not long at all. That brought me to
he mirror.he girl staring back at me was the eponymous Brandy. Tall, blonde, sexy as hell, with a cute face and
huge rack I kind of understood why she’d be such a terror, any guy who she spoke to was going to
do anything this beauty told him. She would be unstoppable. From the looks of her grades too, they
eren’t bad, she just didn’t seem to want to apply herself. She didn’t seem like an airhead at all. I
asn’t going to have to change that much to be her, and anything I did have to do was going to be
ell paid for.

It was no surprise that Brandy had felt the need to rebel against the Svennings. A lovely family, of wedish extraction, and well known in the local area for their generosity toward charitable giving.

However they were boring, milquetoast and whitebread, with not a single edge to the lot of them.

Brandy was a young girl, trying college for the first time, it was no wonder that she had suddenly
ound a rebelliousness within that had been repressed for the many years she’d spent under their roof. I, on the other hand, could understand the value of getting paid, and so the fact I was going to have to temper myself and act like a good girl all day every day wasn’t too bad. I was making more hand I’d ever had in a year every month, I could be whoever anyone wanted for that much. and in the end, there wasn’t really anything wrong with being a good girl. All it meant was attending classes, not going out too much (which wasn’t a problem for me, considering how anti social I was) and to be a responsible, well dressed, and charismatic young woman. After two months of remaining at college and raking in the money, my ‘father’ called Brandy’s cell phone asking for my attendance at
little gathering he was putting together. I had to say yes, but had no idea exactly what that meant.

If it was the price of getting paid, then I was going to have to go. So I picked out a modest dress from he racks of clothing Brandy had left for me, and then dolled myself up to a respectable level. Living  a woman hadn’t been nearly the hassle I’d imagined it would be. Shaving my legs for the first time had been a major challenge, and the fact I had to look after my body a little more was annoying, but I felt the effects of being fit and they were a lot better than the slob I’d been. Within an hour of being informed I was attending this event, I was in my car ready for the hour drive back to Newport.


Reflecting on my tenure as a college aged hottie, I’d positively loved it. I kind of had to give it to Mr.
venning, Daddy, for looking after me so attentively and in such a loving manner.

In truth, I was loving being the good girl.