Fiction crossdressing for my country


“O-Oh man… Th-This is…intense,” said Secret Agent Steven Hanes to himself in the hallway mirror. Agent
Hanes was a part of a select group of Agents for the Central Intelligence Agency that got to use the new,
secret equipment that took undercover missions to the next level. The machines could literally change the
physical forms of those that use it.

Agent Hanes was on a very special mission. He had been for three months already. The CIA had been tracking a foreign terrorist that snuck into America a little over a year ago, and was said to be residing within New
York. His plan was to assassinate the President, and his cabinet, so that he and the group that he was said to be working for could eventually destroy and create their own America. The only problem, was that the man had gotten wind that the CIA was onto him. He began to use disguises to cover his trail, and the CIA would send agents to cover any possible areas that he could have been at. As for Agent Hanes, he had already gained the afiection of the terrorist, known as “Mr. X” after he saw Hanes in a ritzy bar in the Upper East Side. After a few drinks, Hanes, going under the alias of “Gwen” offered to show him a good time if they could get some

Hanes pulled the top of his dress down to show an ample amount of cleavage. “Alright guys, do you have the tracking device showing on the GP S,” asked Hanes as he spoke into the headset covered by his hair. Once he got the affirmative, Hanes slowly walked over to the hotel room of Mr. X, stumbling in the high heels on his feet. “I hope you guys hurry the hell up. I’ve had enough of this body.” Hanes takes a quick, deep breath, preparing himself for the “good time” he promised. “I hope the CIA knows how to reverse this. This for my country.”