How To Hide The Evidence After Dressing How To Not Leave Clues (Male to Female Transgender Crossdressing Tips)


So you spent the day dressed but your roommate,family,wife,girlfriend is coming home and nobody knows your little secret…here are a couple of little “clues” you may be leaving behind without even knowing it.

1. Wig Hair…inspect the floor and any other place you were well to see if there are any hairs that fell out of your wig. If your wig is your natural hair color no worries…but if its not……


2. Lipstick…..if you were sipping coffee…or any drink…check your glass.


3. Foundation Stains check the light switches and walls,refrigerator crossdressing door etc…to see if you accidentally smeared some foundation on it. Also the towel you washed up with…and any tissues you may have used sitting very obvious at the top of the bathroom waste basket.


4. Heel Marks ..make sure your heels didn’t scuff or mark up the floors.


Did I miss any?? I am sure I did these are just my crossdress personal big tell tale signs…leave a comment if you have one
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How To Walk Like A Woman For Crossdressers (Male to Female Transgender Crossdressing Tips)


Time to get that walk down ladies…walk with me….just like everything else in cross dressing your walk is going to take some practice to keep you from looking like a NFL Linebacker in stilettos. Good thing is practicing walking in heels is fun. The key is to not over do it like you are on the runway for Victoria’s Secret. Here are some tips to help you get the feminine walk down a little better.

Practice Walking In Your Heels

Travesti tips

Practice makes perfect right? So spend your entire day in heels ( If your feet can bare it). Do your daily household chores in your heels. One thing I love to do is dance in mine. If you can dance…you can walk, both take a bit of getting used to, and a little wine does not hurt to loosen you up.


travesti tips

Speaking of loosening up, you need to be relaxed, and not so stiff. Feminine movements will come a lot easier to you if you are not so tensed up. The stretches in THIS post and some of the stretches HERE are great for releasing tension in your body. Yoga is great for this too.

3. Head Up
Keep your head up high and look straight ahead

4. Keep Your Back Straight

travesti tips

Don’t be a slouch, keep good posture arch your back a bit but do not over do it either

5. Keep Your Elbows At Your Sides.
Do not swing your arms, Keep your elbows tucked in around your waist

6. Hips don’t lie

This step is very important NOT to over do. Sway your hips slightly with each step.

travesti tips

7. Smaller Steps
Keep in mind to take smaller steps. Step straight ahead.

8. Film Yourself Walking
I wish I could find my old VHS tape with me prancing around in 7 inch stripper heels, a mini skirt and my mothers wig on…actually…no I don’t…but this is a great way to study what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong.

9. Confidence
Own it T-girl…you need to have confidence ( I can be your cheerleader)

travesti tips

10. Observe
Without being creepy, observe the way  transgender women walk. Head to the mall or the beach and study women’s movements

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