Is Gender Dysphoria Keeping You Down? (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Gender Dysphoria is a condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex.

Clearly this condition can get stressful for anyone. When your body and mind are not connecting as one; it can really ruin a good mood. We understand this, and we would like to help.

We asked our Glamour Girls to explain to us some of the way they stay positive when feeling down about their dysphoria and we got some really good feedback. Here’s some great advice from an even greater community of individuals that know exactly what you are going through.

Put on an outfit you know you look good in.

“Wearing a pair of fabulous heels to feel super confident and sexy!”- Emily Couture

What’s a better way to make you feel better about yourself, than putting on an outfit that you know you look and feel awesome in? No matter how fancy or ridiculous the outfit is for lounging around the house- do it.

Cuddle your pet.

Pets are the perfect companions when you’re in an insecure mood, since they give unconditional love no matter what you look like or who you are. They don’t have one judgmental bone in their little tiny bodies. You can just cuddle and play with your pet until they inevitably put a smile on your face.

Treat yourself

“Retail therapy at G USA is a great diversion and puts me in a creative mood. Shopping most anywhere for coupons and deals focuses my attention away from my gender preference and gives me a positive outlook for my ‘Kim time’ to come”- Kim Rydick

“New lingerie always does it for me”- Daniel P

“A new pair of heels”- Samantha “Sami” Prescott

A typical response would be to “buy some ice cream”, but I don’t exactly believe in this tactic. Eating does not make me feel better- at all! It honestly does the opposite because then I feel even more insecure because I just ate a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s… to myself… If I want to cheer myself up, I’ll go to Sephora, the salon, or to Bloomingdales. Leaving any of these places with a purchase, puts a smile on my face. So, go to your favorite place and buy yourself something that will make you happy. Treat yourself.

Set goals for yourself

This will keep you on track to finding happiness and peace in your life. When you are constantly pushing yourself, you will eventually become the woman you always wanted to be. Shying away from a difficult thing will keep you feeling down. The happier you will be the more goals you reach. Trust me.

Convert your frustrations into something positive

“I convert it into something positive and focus that positivity towards other who might need it as much, or more than me.”- Stephanie Anne Jeffries

Looking back at old photos and pondering past experiences will remind you about everything you have been through. It will hopefully get you to see that you can handle anything.

Get lost in some music

It’s awesome how music can affect your mood. Put on your favorite feel good music and dance around your house. Guarantee you forget all about the haters.

Surround yourself with friends that understand or might be going through the same thing

“I usually talk to supportive friends and family.”- Cassie Jo Smith

A great support group is a must have. You can’t take on the world alone- I mean you can- but that is no fun. Having other people to share bad experiences with, makes it a whole lot easier.

Start a journal or blog

If you don’t want to talk to anyone, let out your emotions in writing. Whether it be digitally or on paper. Letting it out somewhere usually helps relive the stressful emotions.


“A cardio workout! Keeps my spirits high and healthy”- Nikki Cordova

For many people, getting lost in a good workout helps a lot. Your mind is free and you’re focused on the task at hand. Nothing can come in between that; giving you a stress free hour or so. It’s a win, win.

Take a long nap

This is my go to solution for a lot of things. Sleep is amazing and will obviously keep you relaxed. You will wake up feeling refreshed and maybe you will have a different outlook on your issues with a level head.

I hope any of you reading will try some of these tips when feeling down for any reason. These tips don’t just work for dealing with gender dysphoria but, mainly any situation. They are great tricks to incorporate into your life to insure you live a happy and fulfilling life.


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  Have a happy crossdressing summer everyone and stay cool. I hope these tips help some of you stay cool and stylish this summer!