Why Femulate ?

Stana, 1976
Growing up, I was the neighborhood effeminate boy. I did not choose to be feminine; my feminine persona was natural, not an affection. Whenever I acted on the advice to "man up," it felt so unnatural and uncomfortable that I invariably returned to my natural feminine ways, which were not a good fit for a young American male circa 1960. As a result, I was a favorite object of bullies and suffered through a lot of abuse in my youth. And having the breasts of a young woman did not help. My B-cups just added fuel to the fire being stoked by my peers. In the early "60s, I became fascinated by the glamorous women who were no ladies, but rather female impersonators, as depicted in the 82 Club ads appearing in New York City newspapers. Eventually that fascination motivated me to began experimenting with female impersonation myself using my mother"s and sister"s wardrobes whenever I was home alone. After honing my skills in private for almost half a decade, I had to let the girl out of the confines of the closet. So on Halloween 1969 I borrowed my sister"s purple mini-dress, black mid-heel pumps, black tights, wiglet and knit beige cap. I wore minimal makeup. Although I had been wearing my mother"s and sister"s foundation garments in secret for years, I skipped the bra and girdle because I did not think they would appreciate me wearing such personal items. I drove around town visiting a few friends and relatives, who were amused by my costume. I don"t know if I passed, but I did not care. I was having the time of my life! All I cared about was that I was out in public living a few hours as the young woman I had discovered and nourished for the past few years. Crossdresser sexy panties hide male organs Camel Toe lace underwear SISSY Give yourself an entire new look!! With perfectly hiding your male organ with camel toe, wearing this panties should give you an entire a new feminine look, , you are a complete woman!
Womanless wedding, circa 1950.

Keep Cool Summer Tips for Crossdressers (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

crossdress Summer is a great time to step out en femme. But, let’s not forget about that summer heat that everyone has to deal with. No crossdresser is stepping out of the house in hosiery and shape gear. That can get so sweaty and uncomfortable. Have no fear though, their are plenty of summer tips and tricks for the everyday crossdresser or transgender. Your number one priority in the summer is getting a GREAT sweat proof primer! This will guarantee you a flawless makeup finish and reduce the amount of smudging and running makeup. It will also help keep your skin soft and blemish free.
Crossdresser,Transgender,Crossdressing,Travesti Try out we recommended Pro skin No hair Antiperspirant Skin Prep.. It’s great for easy application and works wonders for your body and makeup throughout the day. I would 100% recommend this product to any of my crossdressing or transgender friends.  Plus, you can use it under breast forms as well to reduce any hairs for an all day wear! Give it a try! realbreast_03 Another big sweat creator during the summer would absolutely be breast forms. If you feel uncomfortable wearing silicone breast forms during the summer like, many transgender and crossdressers do, then try out some foam breast forms. They are lightweight and easily fit into bras. This will absolutely reduce the amount of discomfort you feel this summer. Plus, these forms are significantly cheaper than your normal silicone forms. If you have never worn these forms before, you will feel no regret spending the little price tag they bring. crossdress   These little papers are a crossdressers best friend! Many people think they should just add some powder to their face when it gets a little oily or sweaty, but this could lead to a cakey and heavy makeup look if too much applied. Instead, take out one of these papers from your purse and start blotting. It will make your face feel clean and dry this summer. crossdress   It’s no surprise that every transgender woman wants a nice glow during the summer. However, working woman can find it hard to find the time to hit the beach, tanning salon, or lay out. It’s even harder for crossdressers to get that desirable glow if they are uncomfortable with the beach, going to the salon, or laying out in public. This lotion comes in many different shades for your skin preference. This products is a great time saver and will work for anyone! Try it out this summer! crossdress Maxi Dresses and any cute summer dresses should be incorporated into any dressers wardrobe this summer! They are so easy to stay cool in. Plus, no serious tucking is necessary, which can make you feel significantly more comfortable in the heat. Go out and try on various styles until you find some that complement your body type. I personally feel that maxi dresses look good on many different body types. Stay away from tight fitting clothing and think more loose and cool. Pair with a cute sandal and call it a day. Another great thing about flowy dresses is that it hides the lack of a butt or wider hips. No need for any rear shaping gear or hip pads. crossdress Peplum Skirts! These are great for crossdressers during the summer. Just like the dresses, this requires no rear or hip shaping gear at all! The style of these skirts will make it look like you have wider hips than you do, creating a perfect femme look. The way the skirt gets wider at the hips will create a wonderful hourglass shape that every crossdresser or transgender is searching for. It will keep you cool and definitely stylish this summer! You can find these skirts at many big clothing retailers. I would recommend looking in Macy’s for some great quality peplum skirts. Pink Men’s Attractive Adjusted Straps Lace Corset ( L- 6XL size available) 43%OFF crossdress Specification
  • Size: S,M,L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL
  • Category: Men’s  Corset & Bustiers
  • Material: Polyester
  • Pattern Type: Patchwork
  • Embellishment: Bowknot,Lace
  • Weight: 0.570kg
  • Package Contents: 1 x Corset 1 x Skirt
  Have a happy crossdressing summer everyone and stay cool. I hope these tips help some of you stay cool and stylish this summer!

Fiction crossdressing not awake yet


Morning Kate. I feel like crap this morning. Thanks for making the coffee.What do you mean it’s not coffee? Funny joke. You know I’m not awake until I have my coffee…

Femininity potion? turn me into a girl? Funny. *Yawn* Damn, I think I need to get my hair cut, it keeps falling into my face this morning. Yeah, yeah, yeah. ‘lt’s long because you drank my potion, and you’re a girl now’. Funny Kate.

Good, at least you’re admitting it’s a joke. I’d hate to see how I’d react if you really could turn me from a guy into a girl. Odds are you’d be even more smug than you are right now, and I’d totally freak out.

Smooth black underwear hip pads T-11B


Perfectly designed pads for transgender and crossdressers!

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Of course you would be. And I would do that too. Or at least I would if l were awake. But anyways… I still feel like I can fall back asleep sitting up. I think I’ll take my chances with your whole ‘turn into a girl potion’… I mean

Thanks. Dang this is good coffee.

Naturally Effeminate or Naturally a Woman

Recently, I proffered, "Ask me anything" and Pat asked, "Were you naturally effeminate as a kid and ever called a sissy while going to school?" Yes ? I was naturally effeminate as a kid. I know it was "natural" because at the time, I was not aware that I was effeminate. I was not intentionally acting effeminate, I was acting as me, myself, and I, and as luck would have it, me, myself and I was very effeminate. So much so that my peers let me know it by calling me names like "sissy," "twinky," "fairy," and worse. At my first summer job, which was in a very macho environment, my nickname was "Zelda" in honor of my feminine ways. crossdress At another summer job working in the receiving department of a department store where I unpacked and sorted women"s clothing all day long, one of my co-workers suggested that it must be my dream job because I got first shot at all the new dresses and lingerie before it went on the floor for sale to the public. He even showed me a private backroom where I could try on the clothing that I might like to purchase. At my high school graduation, some of the jocks asked aloud why I wasn"t wearing a gold-colored graduation cap and gown like the other girls. In college, the guy in the dorm room next door said I could borrow his girlfriend"s bra that she left behind after one of their evening rendezvous. crossdress  Italian actress, writer, politician and television host, Vladimir Luxuria I never changed my feminine ways even when I figured out what was going on. I knew how to fix the problem, but I rejected manning up and becoming macho because doing so was so incompatible with my nature. On the other hand, dressing in woman"s clothing was a perfect fit. I already acted, moved, and spoke like a woman, so the clothing just completed the picture. Smooth black underwear hip pads T-11B SISSY Wonderful rear Padded Panties, pushup panty available with buttocks, black colours, sizes  M, L, XL,3XL,4XL,With the pads you create wonderful feminine curves, allowing the perfect curves for us transgender women or girls at any time and any place.  

Hey Cossdressers, Does Your Bra Fit (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Hey Crossdressers, Does Your Bra Fit?
Whether you"re wearing a ratty old friend you"re reluctant to replace, a fashion-y brassiere you like the color of or one in the size you"ve simply always worn, there"s an overwhelming probability you"re wearing an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder that"s wrong for you.
"A lot of women stick to the number in their head from when they were first fit," Kay-Lin Richardson, director of sales and spokeswoman for Panache Lingerie explained. "They"ll say, I"m a 34 B or a 36 C. I"ve been guilty of that. I couldn"t imagine that I would ever be a D cup because that wasn"t in my head and it wasn"t my size." But what most women don"t realize is that their bodies are constantly changing. A bra size could change with as little as a five-pound weight loss or gain, changing physical activity or even crossdressing age. "You should probably get fit every year -- just go and check in to make sure you"re still wearing the right size," Richardson told StyleList. "You probably are, but you probably wouldn"t even realize that your bras aren"t fitting anymore because that"s just the way they"ve always fit you." crossdress It"s a societal epidemic that transgender women need to address. We"re heavier than we"ve ever been, many women are augmenting their assets, and hormones in the food chain have changed the shape and size of assets. Consequently, there is a demand for sizes starting at 28 in band size and going up to FFF cups. The good news is that better data, improved engineering and manufacturers working with the changing bodies of women are creating choices where once there was none. "If you went online now and were a 30 FFF, you"re not going to find the 34 B assortment, which is everything, but there"s probably 100 styles for that customer," Richardson explained, which wasn"t the case even five years ago. And that old rule of thumb about measuring your rib cage and adding five inches is pure malarkey. Each brand fits differently and a well-versed fitter will know what brands are true to that measurement and which ones you need to size up or down for. "Go to a store that has a good reputation for fitting women," Richardson said. Better specialty stores and a department store like Nordstrom usually have very good fitters. And if you have to shop online, follow the site"s fit guide, but keep an open mind -- most of these sites have great return policies so you can try a couple of sizes and return what doesn"t work. crossdress In case you"re not sure if you"re in the majority or minority, check you bra"s fit against these guidelines: The band: Should be firm against your body to provide most of the support. The shoulder straps: Should not be taking the brunt of the weight. If they"re digging into your flesh, you need a firmer fitting band. The underwire: Should encapsulate the breast and should tack firmly against the body. crossdress And sports bras are no different. They"re usually sized XS to XL, and knowing your size gives you a good starting point. "Take several sizes into the fitting room," explained LeJean Lawson Ph.D., chief scientist at Champion, who helped invent the sports bra. "We don"t come in specific sizes -- we"re all on the continuum -- and the more atypical your body is, the more important it is to try different sizes." Lawson also stresses you need to take into consideration what you"ll be using the sports bra for. "Not all sports bras work for all sports. You might need flexibility, do a lot of running, reach up like when playing basketball or if you"re cycling, you might want more ease across the back. There are different design elements for each of these movements." Men’s Attractive Adjusted Straps Lace Corset ( L- 6XL size available) 43%OFF crossdress Tranform yourself when you step into our perfectly Men’s Lace Corset, made especially with transwomen and crossdressers in mind. There"s one big misconception that"s still out there, though, "Many women think of a sports bra as a compression, uni-boob thing," Lawson said, clarifying that there are sports bras that offer encapsulation, compression, spot comfort and more, but all deal with the most important performance needs: managing sweat, managing chafe and providing support crossdress without hardware that will hurt you. "At the end of the day, it"s about being comfortable, looking and feeling good," Lawson concluded.