Fction sissy daddy’s special Tgirl

Fort e next few cays I spent most of my time worng out who Brandy actually was. I might ave
ransforrned into her, but that didn’t mean I knew thing one about her mannerisms or personality. I
ent up to her room, pawed through racks of expensive and revealing clothing. Watched the videos
on her computer of cheerleading tryouts, acting auditions, anything she put her mind to. Without
much difficulty I could do a roundabout approximation of her after not long at all. That brought me to
he mirror.he girl staring back at me was the eponymous Brandy. Tall, blonde, sexy as hell, with a cute face and
huge rack I kind of understood why she’d be such a terror, any guy who she spoke to was going to
do anything this beauty told him. She would be unstoppable. From the looks of her grades too, they
eren’t bad, she just didn’t seem to want to apply herself. She didn’t seem like an airhead at all. I
asn’t going to have to change that much to be her, and anything I did have to do was going to be
ell paid for.

It was no surprise that Brandy had felt the need to rebel against the Svennings. A lovely family, of wedish extraction, and well known in the local area for their generosity toward charitable giving.

However they were boring, milquetoast and whitebread, with not a single edge to the lot of them.

Brandy was a young girl, trying college for the first time, it was no wonder that she had suddenly
ound a rebelliousness within that had been repressed for the many years she’d spent under their roof. I, on the other hand, could understand the value of getting paid, and so the fact I was going to have to temper myself and act like a good girl all day every day wasn’t too bad. I was making more hand I’d ever had in a year every month, I could be whoever anyone wanted for that much. and in the end, there wasn’t really anything wrong with being a good girl. All it meant was attending classes, not going out too much (which wasn’t a problem for me, considering how anti social I was) and to be a responsible, well dressed, and charismatic young woman. After two months of remaining at college and raking in the money, my ‘father’ called Brandy’s cell phone asking for my attendance at
little gathering he was putting together. I had to say yes, but had no idea exactly what that meant.

If it was the price of getting paid, then I was going to have to go. So I picked out a modest dress from he racks of clothing Brandy had left for me, and then dolled myself up to a respectable level. Living  a woman hadn’t been nearly the hassle I’d imagined it would be. Shaving my legs for the first time had been a major challenge, and the fact I had to look after my body a little more was annoying, but I felt the effects of being fit and they were a lot better than the slob I’d been. Within an hour of being informed I was attending this event, I was in my car ready for the hour drive back to Newport.


Reflecting on my tenure as a college aged hottie, I’d positively loved it. I kind of had to give it to Mr.
venning, Daddy, for looking after me so attentively and in such a loving manner.

In truth, I was loving being the good girl.

New Shoes

I had some gift cards from Payless and recently visited the local Payless store to use them. Lately, the local stores do not have much in my size for women, so I bought two pairs of men"s footwear and still had a balance left on the gift cards. "travesti" Going to Fantasia Fair in October, I decided I wanted some new shoes for the trip, so I used my gift card balance online where the inventory in women"s footwear in my size is much more plentiful. I bought four pairs (most on sale or clearance) and only had to add $20 out-of-pocket to cover the amount the gift card balance did not. And I spent enough to qualify for free shipping. (By the way, shipping is always free no matter how much you spend if you have the order delivered to a local Payless store.) "crossdress" The mailman delivered the first pair yesterday. They fit perfectly, were comfortable throughout the time I wore them and looked very attractive. The shoe is called "Eleanor Wedge" and this is its description:
Update your classic ballet flat with this stylish wedge! It features a round toe, pleated details with buckle accent, jersey lining, breathable insole, 2" wedge, "sissy" and sturdy outsole. The soft footbed boasts a two layer insole. Memory foam, like pillows provided in five-star hotels, absorbs shock, shapes and holds perfectly to cradle the foot for lasting comfort. Latex foam has a premier bouncing nature which provides cushion and a feeling of protection with every step. Manmade materials. "crossdressing"
I paid $16 for the pair.
[product sku="T-11B"] [product sku="0629DP"]
I have been buying more and more wedges lately. I find that they are usually more comfortable than flats and heels... not that I am giving up on flats and heels, but they are very comfortable without looking like they should be! "Transgender"
Source: Just Fab
Wearing Just Fab.
Graham Weaver, Richard Grieve, Jason Donovan
Graham Weaver, Richard Grieve and Jason Donovan on the London stage in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Cures for Gender Dysphoria

By Susan King, Transitioning into Tomorrow Five things I do when my gender dysphoria kicks in and I am locked in the closet. "crossdressing" 1. Take some time to pamper myself like take a bubble bath, shave my body hair, watch TV while giving myself a manicure "travesti" 2. Create a pretty outfit on Polyvore. 3. Build a nice board on Pinterest. 4. Read a book. I am currently reading books with transgender or woman lead characters. I love SF books, so I am trying authors of SF books with female leads. I have tried fiction books with a transgender theme. But I have not found the right author. 5. Snuggle under a nice soft blanket and watch a comedy with a female lead. I get some popcorn and a diet soda (water now) and enjoy. "crossdresser"
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These five things do not always work. But I will  try one of them when I am stuck in the closet. How do you handle your gender dysphoria? "crossdress"  
Wearing Trina Turk.
Wanda Zambella, mid-20th Century professional femulator

I’m so tired, I’m feeling so upset

All day and all of the night, I get e-mails from Google Alerts, which monitors "the web for interesting new content" on topics I want to know about. "crossdress news" About 95% of the alerts I receive are on the topic "transgender." Each e-mail alert typically contains one to a half dozen new web content about "transgender." I typically receive one transgender alert every hour or so, therefore, on an average day, I may receive 24 to 144 new transgender web contents. It didn"t used to be that way. Two or three years ago, there were only a handful of transgender alerts each day. That was before Caitlyn and before the right wing and/or "Christian" bathroom fetishists went apeshit about transpeople peeing in the same pots where they pee.   Everyday I read stories about some judge or attorney general ruling against laws and policies that favor transpeople or politicians advocating the same. And then there are the religious folks who preach against us never taking under consideration what Jesus would do. I am very tired of reading bad news that makes me sad and upset. Even the good news make me sad because often it is only temporary and will soon be short-circuited by the haters. When will it end?
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(Stop the world, I want to get off.)
Source: Madeleine
Falete femulates Sara Montiel on Spain"s version of Your Face Sounds Familiar.

A Fix

I seldom test "my" links ("my art," "my photos," etc.) listed in the left sidebar of this blog. Lo and behold, today I wanted to view "my Pinterests" and the link did not work. I tested "my" other links and they did not work either! "My" links and the "send me e-mail" link were all contained within one Blogger gadget and they all used to work in a previous time. Something in Blogger must have changed. I guessed correctly that the e-mail Javascript no longer got along with "my" html links, so I separated them. The e-mail Javascript is now in one gadget and the html links in another gadget.
[product sku="0629DC"] [product sku="6917"]
  Now everything works again. Go figure!  
Wearing Nicholas Deep.
Vincent Beier, male model (Visit Juan"s NewMaleFashion for more Vincent Beier images.)

Crossdresser fiction how my best friend became my girlfriend


Tommy and I had been best friends since as long as I could remember. We kinda fit to-
get her really well. I was the big guy, the heavy, and he was my buddy who was pretty
smart. It meant I could keep him out of trouble from some of the bullies, and he could
help me out on my homework and junk We must have been about 16, it was the
summer of 1999, and we were out hiking in the woods.

I remember the day being particularly warm, real nice for walking the woods, but the
humidity was growing, and with it, came a storm. Tommy was having a hard time keep-
ing up with me,just like he normally did, but that day maybe a little more was off than I
realised. We couldn’t stay exposed for long in the rain, and as lightning flashed a
couple of times in the air. As luck would have it, I spied a cab in just on the other edge
of a clearing, and knew that was our only hope to stay dry and safe. Tommy wasn’t
completely ok with going for it, but wasn’t content waiting in the storm for it to pass,
so we set off.

The door creaked open as we secluded ourselves inside. The place actually seemed
relatively lived in. There were the ashes of a recent fire in the chimney, though there
wasn’t any signs of anybody being around as of that day. It was a nice enough place to
relax and wait out the storm. There was a pack of cards in a cupboard that gave us
some entertainment, and we just spent the afternoon quite pleasantly enjoying our
time out there.

When the truck pulled up outside, that was all about to change. I heard the diesel
engine as it heaved its way up the hill, before the door slammed and someone fiddled
with keys outside. They were perplexed to find it open. It didn’t occur to me that they
might be upset at our presence, but they really were. This redneck guy, a real Un-
abomber type, loomed tall over even myself, holding a rifle and just kept shouting. I
stood in between him and Tommy, and I could tell he was scared, and tried to get to
the bottom of the situation.

“I’m sorry, I was trying to wait out the storm, it’s my fault really,” I explained, which
made the guy back off a little.

“What? You a couple queers?” he asked, clearly disdainful. We laughed and said no, we
were just hiking and needed somewhere to wait out the storm. He didn’t seem to be-
lieve that, and on the way out, as we ran past him, he muttered some words under his
breath. At first I thought he was cursing, but not in the way that it ultimately turned out.
For whatever reason, he chose Tommy that day, and what he did changed both our
lives forever.

Miss Bebot (Beyond Miss Eng’g)

In the past, Femulate "sissy" has noted the Miss Eng"g pageant at the College of Engineering, University of Philippines-Diliman, which many acclaim as one of the best womanless "travesti"contests in existence. It turns out that the Miss Eng"g pageant is just the tip of the iceberg; the Philippines is a hotbed of womanless pageantry.
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The word "bebot" is Filipino slang for "pretty woman," similar to how the word "babe" "crossdressing Tips" is slang in many English-speaking countries. "Bebot" is also used as the name of a variety of womanless beauty pageants, for example, "crossdresser" "Miss Bebot," "Ms. Bebot, "Mr. Bebot," etc. These contests are held throughout the Philippines... in grade schools, high schools, colleges, civic groups and beyond. For example, at one Filipino hospital"s Christmas party, the male "crossdressing" nurses competed in a Miss Bebot Contest (photo above). On Pinterest, Kelly Crossita has a collection of photos from various Bebot pageants. I think you will enjoy the "TIPS" view.
Source: Metrostyle
Miss Bebot

Look Ma, No Bra!

How to Keep Your Bra From Showing Under a Sleeveless Top

By Nicole Akhtarzad for Who What Wear; Adapted for Femulate.org
Not too long ago, on a semi-warm summer day at the office, I was wearing a sleeveless sweater when my co-worker remarked that he had the same exact one, but "crossdresser" avoided wearing it to work because his bra always shows on the sides. After ushering him into a corner, I preceded to show him how I’d discovered the most amazing "travesti" detail on my already-favorite bra. What was it? A tiny easy-to-miss hook on the back of the straps that converts it into a racerback style. Now, let me backtrack for a moment and mention that I’m really not into racerback bras. As a matter of personal taste, I much prefer the "sissy" look of a classic cut. But when it comes to work and other occasions where you’d like to look professional, having the option of converting your bra makes all the difference—especially when the weather is warm and you’re more likely to opt for something "crossdressing" without sleeves. Hence, why I love mine so much. Whenever I need to, "crossdress" I just hook the back. It not only keeps the straps from showing, but the lace on the sides stops peeping out through the armholes too.
[product sku="T-11B"] [product sku="0629DP"]
If you prefer to stick with the bras you have, this clip "NEWS" will do the trick as well!

Uplifting Experience

By Paula Gaikowski, Femulate Contributing Editor September is here in New England ladies… clear crisp days, and "sissy" warm cozy sweaters; pull the pantyhose out of the draw, it’s time to show our true colors. As cisgender women "transgender" can easily get away with bare shoulders and sleeveless tops this ol’ gal thrives on fall and winter fashions that allows for foundation garments and pantyhose to cover the effects of testosterone poisoning.
Awhile back Stana and I had a discussion about using tape to pull back your eyelids to give a more youthful and feminine appearance. I have tried a number of methods, crossdress News  over the years and have come up with a simple and effective method to arch ones eyebrows and lessen wrinkles.
[product sku="0629DC"] [product sku="6917"]
Drag performers have used variations of this over the years, however, their techniques are usually more complex and intricate. I’ve come up with a quick and easy process that is incorporated into my "Travesti" makeup routine and adds only a minute or two to the process. And it is comfortable and holds for hours. You can see the difference in the accompanying "crossdressing" photo where one side is tape free and the other side is taped and my eye is wide open. The first step and key was finding a tape that held in place for several hours and doesn’t damage the skin. After years of research by Femulate’s team of scientists (well actually just me) :Crossdresser", I have found Nexcare works great and you can buy it at any leading drug store. DO NOT tape unless you use Nexcare because other brands will not hold and you will be disappointed. Next, wash your face well; remove all oil and lotion from your forehead. Finding where exactly to put the tape will take a little work. Arch your eyebrows and hold them in place with your fingertips and find the attachment point where the tape will work best (you may have to experiment to find the best point). Cut four 3 to 4 inch pieces of tape. Put one on the sweet spot, arch your brow and tape it back. As you hold that arch, use a second piece of tape to run alongside the first tape to help anchor in place. Refer to the photo below. Repeat this for the other brow and there it is! Now complete the transformation into your true self and then go forward and experience one of the most wonderful gifts there is: embracing the world as a woman.
The left image represents how the tape actually appears. The right image was manipulated so you can clearly see how Paula positioned the tapes.
Winner of a Relay for Life womanless beauty pageant.