Buying Guide for Must-Have Sandals (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Looking to shift into summer mode? Go shopping for a pair of playful sandals! They bring to mind warm weather, carefree days and great pedis! No shoe style is more flattering, freeing or more comfortable than a beautifully crafted pair of sandals.

Peak sandal wearing season begins in the spring and can last well into fall. Sandals can be worn with leggings, tights or socks (if you dare!) even during cold weather months. Take advantage of the extra long sandal season by studying up on the endless available styles, such as earthy leather flats, wooden wedges and sexy evening versions.




There are many incarnations of the platform sandal, but I’m referring to a specific style—just like the pair you had in high school in 70s. Yep, platform sandals. They’re back and just as cute as ever.

You’ll find platform sandal soles made from everything from hard plastic to wood to cork. Obviously cork will cushion your feet and absorb shock much better than rigid materials. If you spend a great deal on your feet or walking, opt for a cork, rubber or flexible plastic sole.

Heel height is not really a concern with platform sandals. Some do feature a slight incline from the arch to the heel, but no more than a half-inch or so. Transgender Women that are used to wearing sky-high heels will be unfazed by the overall height of platform sandals. However, if you are accustomed to flats, the increase in elevation may take some getting used to.



Wedge sandals are related to the platform, however they differ dramatically in heel height. The infinite variety of wedge sandals makes shopping for them almost as much fun as wearing them crossdress.

Casual cookouts and pool parties are the perfect occasion for show off your new wedge sandals. Pair a bright summery color with a floral dress or ruffled tank and walking shorts. They also look great with a sexy swimsuit and pareo wrap. By all means, have fun with flirtatious wedge sandal styles for outdoor events.

A night out demands a dramatic pair of wedge sandals. Metallics, patents and snakeskin take your LBD to new heights. Wedge sandals also look perfect with a printed silk mini romper or skinny pants and a sheer Boho tunic. Don’t be afraid to walk on the wild side when clubbing in your wedge sandals!



Wedge and platform sandals are all the rage, but let’s not forget the humble flat sandal.

Flat sandals are lightweight—wearing them is just like going barefoot. That’s probably a good reason to avoid them when dressing for a formal occasion. However, there are embellished flat sandals you might just consider pairing with an evening dress.

The lightness of these sandals are perfect for summer cross dresses, skirts, crop pants, Capris and shorts. In other words, they work with virtually everything associated with warm weather. They should be part of your fun summer wardrobe.

Flip Flops


Flip flops are the most affordable choice in the sandals category.

Even basic rubber flip flops come in a rainbow of hues and feature embellishments from crystals, to beading to grosgrain ribbon. Flip flops are acceptable in almost any setting. However, many offices still frown upon them (except on casual Fridays), as do upscale restaurants and clubs.

The only bad rap I can think of regarding flip flops and slides is the sheer volume they produce. It seems when people wear them, they tend to walk with a heavier step than normal. When worn on uncarpeted surfaces, like tile or wood, one person sound like a herd of buffalo!

Strappy Heels


No single sandal style can compliment so many different looks than a pair of strappy heels. Strappy heel sandals are the ultimate in dressing up. They show off your legs in a sexy cocktail dress, they add a touch of elegance to a wedding gown and they look downright righteous with a kickin’ mini. High heel strappy sandals even look good with a silk blazer and harem pants. They’re amazingly versatile.

Before you run out the door to buy a pair, it is critical to understand the fit of strappy heel sandals.
Make sure you purchase the proper length. It is important that your entire foot has a firm foundation. The straps should hold your foot in place (to prevent sliding), without cutting into or rubbing your sissy feet and toes.

Rubbing straps can be a problem with strappy heel sandals no matter how well they fit. Consider purchasing strap cushions when you purchase your sandals. These comfort strips adhere to the under side of straps to minimize chafing and irritation.

Low Heels


Low heel sandals are for those of us who can’t quite maneuver in strappy heels.

Low heel sandals look ever so stylish and feminine while providing the utmost in comfort.. With a heel typically lower than 2-inches in height, low heel sandals are perfect for sissy women who don’t want or need extra height.

The good thing about low heel sandals is the infinite variety in styling. You can find ankle straps, wide toe and heel straps and ultra-feminine, thin strappy models. Their heel styles are just as varied. Choose from kitten, cone-shaped, block and wedge heels to name a few!

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Fiction crossdressing not awake yet


Morning Kate. I feel like crap this morning. Thanks for making the coffee.What do you mean it’s not coffee? Funny joke. You know I’m not awake until I have my coffee…

Femininity potion? turn me into a girl? Funny. *Yawn* Damn, I think I need to get my hair cut, it keeps falling into my face this morning. Yeah, yeah, yeah. ‘lt’s long because you drank my potion, and you’re a girl now’. Funny Kate.

Good, at least you’re admitting it’s a joke. I’d hate to see how I’d react if you really could turn me from a guy into a girl. Odds are you’d be even more smug than you are right now, and I’d totally freak out.

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Of course you would be. And I would do that too. Or at least I would if l were awake. But anyways… I still feel like I can fall back asleep sitting up. I think I’ll take my chances with your whole ‘turn into a girl potion’… I mean

Thanks. Dang this is good coffee.

Naturally Effeminate or Naturally a Woman

Recently, I proffered, "Ask me anything" and Pat asked, "Were you naturally effeminate as a kid and ever called a sissy while going to school?" Yes ? I was naturally effeminate as a kid. I know it was "natural" because at the time, I was not aware that I was effeminate. I was not intentionally acting effeminate, I was acting as me, myself, and I, and as luck would have it, me, myself and I was very effeminate. So much so that my peers let me know it by calling me names like "sissy," "twinky," "fairy," and worse. At my first summer job, which was in a very macho environment, my nickname was "Zelda" in honor of my feminine ways. crossdress At another summer job working in the receiving department of a department store where I unpacked and sorted women"s clothing all day long, one of my co-workers suggested that it must be my dream job because I got first shot at all the new dresses and lingerie before it went on the floor for sale to the public. He even showed me a private backroom where I could try on the clothing that I might like to purchase. At my high school graduation, some of the jocks asked aloud why I wasn"t wearing a gold-colored graduation cap and gown like the other girls. In college, the guy in the dorm room next door said I could borrow his girlfriend"s bra that she left behind after one of their evening rendezvous. crossdress  Italian actress, writer, politician and television host, Vladimir Luxuria I never changed my feminine ways even when I figured out what was going on. I knew how to fix the problem, but I rejected manning up and becoming macho because doing so was so incompatible with my nature. On the other hand, dressing in woman"s clothing was a perfect fit. I already acted, moved, and spoke like a woman, so the clothing just completed the picture. Smooth black underwear hip pads T-11B SISSY Wonderful rear Padded Panties, pushup panty available with buttocks, black colours, sizes  M, L, XL,3XL,4XL,With the pads you create wonderful feminine curves, allowing the perfect curves for us transgender women or girls at any time and any place.  

Crossdressing fiction relax


Connor excitedly scanned the room numbers against the hotel roalll hand… 16. 17. 18…He could barely contain himself, things like this jrll’ happen to him. He had only been atthe hotel bara few minutos whanllli’ beautiful young women sauntered over and suggested that he buy them drinks. Just twenty minutes of casual conversation later and they were slipping him their room key and telling him to call a friend. While a little
reluctant to share, it did nothing to quell his enthusiasm. ”.23. 24. 25…


Finally! Room 27. He turned the lock and went inside. The two gorgeous girls were sprawled across a solitary bed sipping champagne. their short dresses riding up even higher to show a generous portion of leg and ass. The blonde
passed Connor a glass of the champagne and he sat down finishing the drink in one gulp. The brunette smiled sexily. almost hungrily, at him. He went to return the smile but he found himself unable to. he just couldn’t move his face muscles. Something was wrong. The champagne glass fell to the floor as he also lost control of his fingers. Within thirty seconds he couldn’t move at alL

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We’ve given you a muscle relaxant! ‘ snarled the blonde coldly. ‘You think you can just walk into a bar and demand sex from us? We’ll show you who’s a sex object.’ With that she straddled his chest and pulled off his shirt as the
brunette ripped off his jeans and underwear. The blonde dismounted his naked form and pulled a sports bag from under the bed. She removed a lacy black thong with attachable stockings which she tossed to the brunette to dress him while she applied a matching bra and elbow length gloves. Connor felt extremely vulnerable and exposed just lying there helplessly in women ‘s lingerie. Next they sat him up and pulled a velvet dress over his head and into place before adjusting the corseted waist so that it was nice and snug. Pushing him back down, the blonde straddled him once again and applied thick makeup and attached a collar necklace. She then grabbed a blonde wig from the dresser. ‘Whoops almost forgot… ‘ She leant back and retrieved a tube of glue from the sports bag and applied it liberally to the inside of the wig which was then pulled tightly down over his head. Still unable to move,
Connor watched as the girls grabbed the clothes he had been wearing and stuffed them into the sportsbag before turning to leave.

You’ll think twice next time you want to take advantage of some young women.’ taunted the brunette. ‘By the way we’ll leave the key in the door for your friend. Have fun!

Sissy fiction genetic makeup


Martin sat fidgeting in the waiting room, struggling to contain his anxiety. This was it! If this job interview didn’t work out, his visa would expire in three days and he would be on his way back to Germany. Back to his life of no job, no friends and no girlfriend…it literally was all or nothing. The potential job at hand was an IT programming position for the non-committally named ‘TicTechToe’. It sounded like some kind of games company but, to be honest, Martin would take anything.

Finally, the office door opened and a short bullish blonde woman invited him inside. She spent the next hour and a half barking question after question at him, which were seemingly focussed more on his character and trus two rthiness than his impressive coding skills. Martin answered the best he could but was starting to many that he wasn’t getting much opportunity to sell his strengths.

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Right! ‘ the woman woman punctuated crisply. ‘Because we are a company that
works closely with the military on top secret projects and because you are a
foreign national we have some added disclosure forms for you to sign before we
can offer you the job!.’
l’m h-h-hired?’ stammered Martin in disbelief.
Not until you sign here. here, here. and here,’ she replied curtly. ‘Basically. you
are being given a three year contract, but if at any time you are found to be
sharing info about your work here, you will be immediately charged with treason
by the US government. The project you are about to embark on is strictly top
secret! ‘ Martin gulped and carefully signed each of the papers. ‘Alright. let’s show
you what you’ll be working on, shall we?’ the woman proclaimed with an
uncharcteristic brightness. She then led him out of the office and down to a
basement level via an elevator. The doors opened into a large futuristic laboratory
and Martin was escorted to a state-of-the-art workstation. ‘What we do here is to
provide American Intelligence Agents with 100% foolproof aliases.’ she explained
punching some code into the computer. ‘We have developed a procedure that
allows us to temporarily manipulate a persons genetic code as simply as we could
all  ercamputer code. We can literally change who people are! Here, mtch this!

High Heels are Good for You!

crossdressEver since I began sashaying in shoes of stupendous height, all I ever heard was how bad they were. A parade of experts claimed that high heels caused one bad thing after another. They were the cause of all that was wrong with our feet, as well as being responsible for some of society’s ills as well. 
Well, I have some good news for high heel fashionistas. Contrary to popular opinion, wearing high heels is good for your physique and your psyche, according to studies recently uncovered 

In one study, a British doctor performed tests using special scales and the results indicate “that high heels throw the weight onto the heel rather than onto the toes… which eliminates slouching, produces more healthy breathing, and adds inches to the bust.”

"But the greatest effect is the psychological one," the doctor added, "...long legs are admired and the high heel gives the impression of greater leg length... a sensation of slimness."

In another study, British scientists gave high heels a clean bill of health. “Instead of being unhealthful, high heels are actually easier on the body than low ones. In spite of the present vogue of high heels, there is no evidence that corns, flat feet, or other disorders are increasing.”
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How To Get Soft & Feminine Hands (Male to Female Transgender Crossdressing Tips).

Here is a great way to help keep your hands soft & feeling more feminine.

1. Wash your hands with moisturizing soap and warm water.







2. Fill up a bowl with warm water, and add a few drops of olive oil for extra moisturizer. Soak your hands in the bowl for about five minutes.

3. Put about 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar on your hands with a little bit of the warm water, and rub your hands together. Be sure to rub the sugar all over the front and back of your hands for 2 to 3 minutes.


4. Rinse, & dry hands

5. Apply your favorite lotion or Vaseline and let it absorb into your skin ( Don’t touch your laptop LOL…) let it sink



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