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So a few hours later I was in a very interesting position. Hopefully the only interesting position I
would be in that night. Not only had I transformed into a woman a few months earlier, not only
was I now going on a date with a man, not only was I very excited about going on a date with a
man, but I was going on a date with my worst enemy. The thought of it was so ugly and repellent,
and yet I couldn’t wipe the fucking smile off my face. What was I doing to myself? Was it some-
thing to do with my new body? There was this strange excitement running through me that I
couldn’t control. He’d been there, and then we were talking, and then he left with my phone

The old me fought well and hard, he didn’t want me to go, he begged me to stay in my chair, or
lie on my bed and play video games. But he’d been a bitter guy, angry and hate filled. I couldn’t
feel anything but excitement. I couldn’t feel anything but the promise that I was going to have a
good time. I dressed as well as I could, surfacing a dress that had been bought for me mostly as a
joke, finding some heels and prepping my makeup as carefully as possible. This was the first time
you could say I’d ever dressed like a girl.


My parents were over the moon when they found out I had a date, though they had naturally as-
sumed it was with a girl, as that had been my preference once. I didn’t know if that was still the
case in that moment. When I mentioned it was a man they were a little taken aback, but gave me
their support anyway. I had been kind of hoping for a little push back, a part of me had been
anyway, so I’d have a reason to blow him off. Now it was looking like I had no choice but to blow

Jokes. But still, thoughts like that were very prevalent in my head. Thoughts like that gripped me
with fear and adrenaline and sweet arousal. I was doing something I’d never done before, with no
knowledge of how it was going to turn out. I’d been turned into a woman, but I’d never acted like
one before, never dressed like one, never loved like one. I was hoping for things to go slow no
matter what happened. I hadn’t made my mind up about what I thought about such a strange situa-

He picked me up in his Porsche, which I had not been expecting. He was wearing the fanciest suit
I’d ever seen, and kissed me lightly on the cheek when he received me. I felt so exposed in that
dress, but he made me feel calm. I got in the passenger seat, and saw a girl in the mirror. She
looked so beautiful and content Butterflies. Butterflies everywhere.

We rolled up at the most expensive restaurant in town, and were escorted to our own private
dining room. I knew he was rich, but I never knew how much. As it turned out, he’d been very suc-
cessful in professional boxing, something i’d never been interested in before. He’d stopped me in
the street because he’d never seen someone quite so lovely as me. I blushed, but he pressed on.
Serious. He had never seen someone who so piqued his interest before. He asked me what I wanted
in life, and for a second I stumbled, not knowing what to say.

Making Womens Plus-Size Fashion Fashionable For Men (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Approximately half of all American women are over a size 14, which is considered to be “plus-sized” by the fashion industry. This is good news for crossdressers as it means more stores catering to the larger woman. Personally I’ve flirted with size 14, but spend most of my days between size 16 and 18.
If you’re still trying to understand how woman’s sizes work, take a look at this cross dressing size chart a few months ago.

Crossdresser Clothing


Overweight women want to look as good, stylish, and put-together as their “regular”-sized counterparts. In the typical department store, the selection appears to be quite divergent. The misses department displays stylish, budget-friendly options. The plus-size, or women’s, section shows high-waisted pants, tunic-style shirts, and sack-like dresses. And transvestite fashion seems to be enamored with spike heels and mini-skirts.

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Crossdress Underwear

Tranform yourself when you step into our perfectly lace Sexy Crossdress Panties, made especially with transwomen and crossdressers in mind.

What is a crossdressing man with fashion sense to do?

Shares some tips for making plus-size fashion fashionable:

Educate yourself


Pay attention to what’s fashionable in fashion magazines, on TV, and in everyday life. Doing this shows you what trends are in and what is (or should be) out. Eventually, you will be able to spot the trends and know what’s fresh without having to be told .

Know your own body


What is your shape? Do you have an hourglass figure or a square? An inverted triangle or a pear? How do you find out? You could have a figure analysis by a fashion consultant or you can figure it out for yourself. Hold a yardstick against your shoulder and your hip. In looking in a mirror, does the yardstick angle in or out? Does it stay straight up and down? If it goes in, you’re the inverted triangle; out, the pear. Straight? Either a rectangle or an hourglass. How do you tell the difference on that just based on the yardstick? See if you can put any fingers between the yardstick and your waist without moving the yardstick. If you can get at least two crossdress  fingers between there, you’re an hourglass. Look for clothes that flatter that shape instead of hiding it.

Know your colors


Perry advocates, “Have your colors done and stick to them.” However, knowing if you look better in cool, warm, or neutral colors will work well enough. To discover that, you need a swatch of shiny silver fabric, shiny gold fabric, and a mirror. Hold each of them in turn up to your face, right under your chin. How do you look? If the silver makes you look washed out but the gold makes you look healthy, stick to warm colors. If it’s the other way around, use cool colors. Both? Technically, you’re sissy neutral, but you can wear cool or warm colors within reason.

Accessories and shoes don’t come in plus sizes,”


Perry says. Wear classic clothes that fit well and look good on you and indulge in the trends through your shoes, purses, and other accessories. Our crossdressing fashion sense should kick in at this point, as we realize that closed shoes and lower heels are the way to go if we want to be more passable.

Avoid things that signal you don’t care


Sweatpants never stay looking nice. T-shirt dresses with no shape, pants that are made to look like dresses, and dresses or skirts that are too long make you look frumpy and heavier. No plus-size woman wants, or needs, that. Perry also says, “Muumuus don’t even look good on thin, beautiful Hawaiian transgender girls.”

It is possible to be fashionable on a budget. Some stores, such as Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Katherine’s, Avenue, and Cato Fashions, to name a few, offer selections that are fashionable for plus-size women at various budget-friendly prices. An outfit (three separates) for an awards banquet, for example, recently cost less than $60.00 at Cato Fashions.

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